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Dive into a Trio of Riveting Tales: T. A. Welton’s Latest Releases Promise Thrills, Intrigue, and Unforgettable Suspense

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Dive into a Trio of Riveting Tales: T. A. Welton’s Latest Releases Promise Thrills, Intrigue, and Unforgettable Suspense

November 29
02:18 2023
Dive into a Trio of Riveting Tales: T. A. Welton's Latest Releases Promise Thrills, Intrigue, and Unforgettable Suspense

T. A. Welton, a seasoned storyteller, and CFO turned author of a total of eight novels and counting more unleashes a trilogy of spellbinding novels that promise to captivate readers with their twists, turns, and unrelenting suspense. With refined details, cunning secrets, revelations, mysteries, murder, thrill, and a lot of twists and turn, this trio of spine-chilling tales gives way to a reading experience that will stand the test of time.


Sanders Labs’ secretive genetic experiments take center stage in “Mylo128.” As the pursuit of a cure for PTSD evolves into a perilous journey, the unforeseen consequences of weaponizing the therapy send shockwaves. JM128X, an experimental serum with an ominous expiration date, transforms soldiers into psychopaths. Among them, Mel Trask races against time to Pine Creek, seeking an antidote and revenge. All roads lead to Grace Miller as the countdown to survival ticks away.

Dream Catcher in the Garden of Stone“:

Enter the enigmatic world of Cal Walker in “Dream Catcher in the Garden of Stone.” Emerging unscathed from a fiery crash, Cal discovers he possesses a unique gift—the ability to walk through dreams. Guided by unseen forces, he seeks to thwart a malevolent killer, the Stone Garden Slayer. With his brother Blue and Detective Kyra Lowe, Cal races against an intelligent and secretive foe, unraveling clues from each dream to stop the killer’s deadly spree. Can they stop him before the time runs out?

Road to the Dark Path”:

“Road to the Dark Path” unfolds in Dalton’s Grove, a town ruled by the wealthy, where Tana Hayes becomes the target of Dev Bradley’s obsessive game. The cat-and-mouse chase escalates as a clever killer claims love for Tana and will stop at nothing to possess her. Time ticks away as Tana trains to defend herself, determined to turn the tables on the relentless pursuer and seek vengeance for her loved ones.

As you turn to these novels for reading, be prepared to experience spine-chilling moments that will test your intelligence and provide you with a reason to explore more. T. A. Welton’s narratives are meticulously crafted to immerse readers in a world where every page holds a revelation, and each chapter unravels a new layer of intrigue. The unpredictable twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end, fostering an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

About the Author:

T. A. Welton, an MBA holder from Ana Maria College of Paxton, Massachusetts, brings her financial expertise and storytelling prowess to the literary world. Her captivating books explore the boundaries of genetic experimentation, the enigma of dreams, and the fast-paced pursuit of justice. As a dedicated storyteller, Welton invites readers to embark on a journey into suspense, mystery, and the resilience of the human spirit.

For more information about her and to order your copy of one of her magnificent works of fiction, feel free to visit her website: or the Amazon page:

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