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Discover A World of Mystery And Intrigue With Author Tammy Welton’s Riveting Novels

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Discover A World of Mystery And Intrigue With Author Tammy Welton’s Riveting Novels

November 29
01:57 2023
Discover A World of Mystery And Intrigue With Author Tammy Welton's Riveting Novels

Prepare to be captivated by the spellbinding narratives crafted by acclaimed author Tammy Welton. Her trilogy of gripping mystery novels, including “Road to the Dark Path,” “Mylo128,” and “The Wish Maker: Fog and Mirrors,” are set to take readers on thrilling journeys through suspense, danger, and the unexplored depths of human nature.

Road to the Dark Path – A Town Where No One Is Safe:

“Road to the Dark Path” is a pulse-pounding journey into the heart of Dalton’s Grove, a small town brimming with secrets and danger. In a place divided by wealth and power, the wealthy elite owns both the town and the law. Tana Hayes, content with her quiet life, suddenly finds herself the object of obsession for Dev Bradley, the scion of one of the town’s wealthiest families. What ensues is a gripping cat-and-mouse game with a cunning killer who claims to be in love with her. As the clock ticks down, Tana must fight for her survival and seek vengeance for her loved ones in this explosive thriller.

Mylo128 – Genetic Experimentation, Danger, and Intrigue:

“Mylo128” explores the intriguing world of genetic experimentation and its unintended consequences. Sanders Labs’ quest for a PTSD cure leads to the creation of JM128X, a therapy that transforms soldiers into fearless, remorseless super-soldiers. But when things go terribly wrong, Mel Trask and his team must race against time to find an antidote before they succumb to the dark side of the experiment gone wrong. Revenge and redemption collide in this high-stakes thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Wish Maker Fog and Mirrors – A Wish That Comes at a Price:

“The Wish Maker Fog and Mirrors” delves into the fascinating concept of granting wishes, but with a dark twist. Raphael, the Wish Maker, can make your deepest desires come true, but at a cost. Follow the rules: make the wish, pay the price, and live with the outcome. But as the story unfolds, readers will grapple with moral dilemmas and unforeseen consequences that challenge their very notions of right and wrong.

These novels are not just books; they are immersive experiences that will keep you eagerly turning pages until the very end. Explore the depths of human emotion, the allure of the unknown, and the resilience of the human spirit through Tammy Welton’s captivating narratives and witness the allure of mystery thrillers on the human mind and soul.

For more information about the author and her books, please visit Tammy Welton’s Amazon page:

Road to the Dark Path
The Wish Maker Fog and Mirrors

About the author:

T. A. Welton lives in Oregon with her husband, children, and three fur babies. She has an MBA from Ana Maria College of Paxton Massachusetts, and has worked as a CFO for many years in the advertising industry. She has always been a storyteller and loves crafting stories. Road To The Dark Path, Mylo128, and The Wish Maker Fog and Mirrors are among her five compelling narratives that will raise the bar of mystery thrillers. Visit the following link to learn more:

Author Name: Tammy Welton
All Books Link: Click Here

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