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Pawmade Develops Natural Supplements for Happy, Thriving Dogs

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Pawmade Develops Natural Supplements for Happy, Thriving Dogs

September 25
17:57 2023
Superior quality ingredients optimize ideal nourishment lost and depleted from commercial dog food during processing.

PAWMADE’s veterinarians, animal nutrition scientists, and pet experts have seen first-hand the trend of shortening life spans with increasing health conditions. Skin and coat problems, joint decay, digestive issues, nerve damage, and chronic diseases are flooding veterinary clinics nationwide with suffering dogs and dog parents alike. The stress and monetary drain these health conditions cause on the entire family can be earth-shattering.

PAWMADE experts know the main root of deteriorating dog health is the lack of optimal nutrition. The simple fact is that dogs no longer hunt for fresh game. Their food comes in a package. Processing even the most nutritious ingredients corrupts the nutrient value. In addition, once exposed to the air and time, the remaining nutrients break down, starving your dog of sufficient metabolic fuel that leads to disease.

PAWMADE develops superior quality naturally sourced full-spectrum bioactive supplements that mimic Nature’s ideal dog nourishment for robust survival. Added to the dog’s commercial pet food, it significantly increases holistic, balanced nutrients that fuel dog organ system functions and self-repair. And these precious furry family members are energized, happier, and enjoy healthier lifespans.

PAWMADE’s Philosophy of Excellence formulates strategic dog supplements with the highest purity and scientifically proven effectiveness. Synergistic, nutrient-dense botanicals, alga, fruit, mushrooms, and more help boost metabolic integrity, endurance, antioxidant capacity, immune fortification, stress resilience, joint health, brain functions, sleep quality, and overall vitality.

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PAWMADE develops superior quality full-spectrum natural dog supplements that increase holistic nutrient intake, optimizing metabolic energy and organ resilience for happier, healthier dogs.

PAWMADE’s Philosophy of Excellence oversees each formulation’s 5-Step Research and Testing Process. Its mission is to mimic Nature’s ideal dog nourishment by supplementing commercial dog food with naturally sourced comprehensive active nutrients for robust survival.

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