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New Mystery Novel “Blood and Water” by Robert J. Rosenbaum Unveils Dark Secrets of the American West

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New Mystery Novel “Blood and Water” by Robert J. Rosenbaum Unveils Dark Secrets of the American West

September 25
17:42 2023

For Literature & Fiction’s fans, the latest gripping novel, “Blood and Water,” authored by Robert J. Rosenbaum, offers readers an Action & Adventure experience where the serene landscapes of the American West hide deep-rooted secrets and sinister intentions. When an old rancher’s seemingly innocent accident in the Flint River leads to his untimely death, it raises more questions than answers.

At first glance, the rancher’s demise appears to be a tragic case of failing abilities. However, as the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that there’s more to the story than meets the eye. The protagonists, C. W. Blankenship and Jake Grummond, are entangled in a web of deceit and danger. Their initial unease about the rancher’s death soon transforms into full-blown suspicion as they witness the heirs’ bitter disputes over the ranch’s ownership. The plot thickens when an out-of-state resort developer shows a keen interest in the rancher’s water rights, and the body count begins to rise.

Rosenbaum‘s portrayal of the American West is not just a backdrop for the story but a character in itself. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of U.S. History, specializing in the American West, he paints a vivid picture of the region’s landscapes, its people, and the intricate relationships that bind them. His academic credentials are impressive. Holding a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin, he has imparted knowledge at four esteemed universities, with the Montrose campus of Colorado Mesa University being the most recent. His expertise doesn’t end there. He has also served as a speechwriter for notable figures like Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox and Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office Garry Mauro. His scholarly works, especially “Mexicano Resistance in the Southwest,” have garnered acclaim in academic circles.

However, what makes “Blood and Water” truly stand out in the Literature & Fiction category is the authenticity with which Rosenbaum writes. His diverse work experiences, from laboring on a dairy farm, and working in a paper mill, to roofing and house painting, have given him a unique perspective on life. These experiences, combined with their tenure as Fire Chief and Forest Manager at Arrowhead, have enriched his storytelling, allowing him to craft raw and shadowy schemes that are central to the Western Slope Mysteries.

“Blood and Water” is not just a mystery novel; it’s an Action & Adventure journey into the heart of the American West, where the past and present collide and where every shadow holds a secret. Readers are in for a treat as they navigate the twists and turns of this riveting tale.

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