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Tech Meets Craft: New Knit&Note App Set to Revolutionize Knitting and Crochet

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Tech Meets Craft: New Knit&Note App Set to Revolutionize Knitting and Crochet

September 25
13:30 2023
Knit&Note aims to revolutionize the knitting and crochet world, providing an all-in-one digital platform for enthusiasts to master their craft, access high-quality patterns, track projects, and connect with a global community of makers.

Knit&Note offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the knitting and crochet process. With features like pattern access, project tracking, gauge measurement, and even a yarn calculator, users can confidently embark on their next project without the hassle of searching for patterns or materials. 

“We are putting an end to the countless hours spent searching for the right patterns, tutorials, notes, tips, and materials. Its time to let Knit&Note do the hard work for you, leaving you to unleash your creativity, bring your knitting dreams to life, and embrace a wonderful sense of calm and accomplishment.” – Anne Emilie Fosse, the founder of Knit&Note.

The app boasts an extensive library of knitting and crochet patterns, akin to streaming services like Netflix. Users can easily access, use, and highlight patterns, eliminating the need for fruitless Google searches or cumbersome payment methods. Knit&Note ensures that only high-quality and easy-to-read designs make their way into the app.

Knit&Note goes beyond patterns, offering a range of tools to enhance the knitting experience, including a virtual ruler, highlighter, row counter, increase and decrease calculator, yarn calculator, and tutorials. It empowers users to create beautiful pieces and continuously improve their skills.

“The app simplifies organization with features like project tracking, personal yarn stash management, and needle inventory. Users can easily keep track of their materials, ensuring they always have the right supplies on hand. The app also takes the hassle out of yarn shopping, allowing users to find and purchase recommended yarn directly within the platform. Yarn details automatically sync with the user’s digital stash, eliminating guesswork and waste.”

Knit&Note offers a range of exquisite yarns, including K&N NO 1- Highland wool, K&N NO 2- Pure Merino wool, and K&N NO 3 – Silk Mohair with cashmere. These yarns, produced in Peru with ethical labor practices, offer a blend of luxury, durability, and authenticity.

The app celebrates users’ achievements with statistics that track completed projects and yarn usage. Engagement with the app, challenges, and community participation earns users K&N Coins, which can be redeemed for exclusive patterns, yarn discounts, and access to workshops and events.

“Our app fosters connections within its global community, enabling users to share projects, connect with fellow makers, and discover inspiring creations. It offers a chronological feed, ensuring users see updates from the people they follow.”

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will have the opportunity to receive exclusive perks, including substantial discounts on Knit&Note’s Premium Subscription, along with bundles of luxurious yarns.

For more information and to support the Knit&Note Kickstarter campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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