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Inks and Bindings, LLC Launches Another Brilliant Star Into the Spotlight: John W Roberts, Author of “Chasing His Destiny”

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Inks and Bindings, LLC Launches Another Brilliant Star Into the Spotlight: John W Roberts, Author of “Chasing His Destiny”

August 26
00:57 2023
John W Roberts pens a riveting tale that begs the question, can destiny be fulfilled, or is Eugene, like many people today, stuck in an endless chase?

John W Roberts, the author of “Chasing His Destiny,” treats readers to an edge-of-the-seat story revolving around Eugene and his pursuit of self-discovery. Like many in a world punctuated by individual and collective races towards destiny, Author John W Roberts explores self-fulfillment, self-discovery, and personal growth. His transformative masterpiece presents a case for where this journey begins and whether it has an end, especially for people seeking direction and purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Drawing from his distinguished background in education and passion for literature, Author Roberts introduces readers to nuanced characters, each presenting a unique perspective that ties the book together. Roberts seeks to unravel the intricacies of human existence and reveal how perceptions of a grand destiny can rob people of experiencing the true meaning of life and enjoying the journey in pursuit of an unclear destination.

“Chasing His Destiny” centers around Eugene Lawrence Wright, a young man born in a close-knit African American community. As he grows, everyone around him seems to question him about his destiny, but no one presents answers or explanations on what this destiny is or should look like. Cousin Beulah sets Eugene on the path to search for his destiny but offers no clear instructions, leaving Eugene more confused and lost than when he began. After the sad loss of his cousin, Eugene turns to his father, who instead warns, “The problem for most of us is not that we never find our destiny; it’s just that we aren’t prepared to fulfill it.”

With more questions than answers, Eugene walks a lonely path, committed to hard work and success, hoping to find his destiny and be sufficiently prepared to fulfill it. Eugene’s career takes off, and with every new career high, he feels increasingly disconnected from his purpose, refusing to accept his professional career as his destiny. Feelings of doubt and unfulfillment begin to creep in, and with so much focus on the professional aspects of his life, his personal relationships suffer. As Eugene embarks on a big career move, will he be stuck in a search that will never yield? What becomes of his quest to find fulfillment?

Through Eugene’s story, author John W Roberts expertly unveils how the chase for destiny often gives people tunnel vision. His book navigates the essence of destiny’s pursuit and peels back the curtain to allow people to see beyond the word and embrace the experience and the journey. Within the pages of “Chasing His Destiny” is a treasure trove of thought-provoking wisdom and a profound exploration of self-discovery, fulfillment, purpose, and personal growth.

Roberts invites readers to explore the depths of their own self-discovery journeys through Eugene’s chase for his destiny. 

Grab a copy of “Chasing His Destiny” now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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