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Fijian Solo Artist Ilimo Ravai is Making His Name Heard in the International Music with His Soulful Originals

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Fijian Solo Artist Ilimo Ravai is Making His Name Heard in the International Music with His Soulful Originals

March 09
23:39 2023
Fijian Solo Artist Ilimo Ravai is Making His Name Heard in the International Music with His Soulful Originals

Ilimotama Tara Ravai, popular by the name Ilimo Ravai brings the Fijian flavor to the international music realm and is transforming the industry for the better. With impressive works spanning genres like Gospel music, Pop, Reggae, and R&B, Ilimo Ravai is ready to take over the world stages with the launch of his upcoming original song “Gole”.

Born and brought up in Fiji, Ravai migrated to New Zealand in 2018, hoping to build a solid music career. Although he started pursuing his passion and producing studio-worthy songs in 2018, the COVID lockdown of 2020 fueled his artistic flair. Very soon, in 2021, he released his cover version of Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay’s “10,000 Hours”.

The rave reviews and critical acclaim earned by the cover song motivated him to bring his soulful music into the music industry, and this marks the birth of his latest original song, “Gole”, which is a heartfelt remembrance of his late nephew and the toll that the experience took on his life.

The relatable yet deep lyrics and music of his works are no coincidence, as he has had ample life experiences from childhood. He was a member of a broken family with parents who sought divorce when Ravai was just 13. As his parents moved on with their lives in separate ways, Ravai was left in the care of various family members throughout his childhood. The broken childhood and the unfortunate experiences made him fall into depression at such a young age.

But being a go-getter, Ravai managed to migrate to New Zealand in 2018 and volunteered at the Church of Scientology in Auckland. But the struggles continued as his depression got severe with several racist experiences from his then work and living community. He soon moved to the countryside of Hawkes Bay in 2019 and started engaging in forestry work. Both the work and the welcoming people around there positively impacted him. With the right kind of motivation, he has earned the supervisor position in the same company and is continuing at the post.

The immense experience and insights that Ravai earned throughout his life reflect in his works. His fighting spirit and the indomitable sense of moving forward despite the struggles are now inspiring many; the thousands of followers on his Instagram, Tiktok and other social media profiles stand proof of that.

Ravai remembers that he once had dreams of moving to New Zealand, earning a permanent residence there, and enjoying his life to the fullest, and as of now, he has singlehandedly realized all those dreams. He is currently a proud Hawkes Bay habitant who yearns to do more for the community through his music.

After his upcoming project, “Gole”, which is expecting a release in 2023, he plans to work on another original song that details his life and struggles in his homeland Fiji. He also has active plans to launch a clothing brand named “Yanuyanu”.

Unlike many artists who take fame and opportunities for granted, Ilimo Ravai cherishes and strives to pursue his dreams with his humble and honest efforts. He stands tall in the music industry as a hope and inspiration to many struggling artists across the globe.

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