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Dr. Cliff Shunsheng Han, the founder and CEO of AllerPops Corp, is publishing a book titled “Nothing to Sneeze At”

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Dr. Cliff Shunsheng Han, the founder and CEO of AllerPops Corp, is publishing a book titled “Nothing to Sneeze At”

February 28
14:32 2023
The book is an autobiography memorizing his journey of growing out of a village in Shandong, China, and how the uncharted path prepared him for the challenge of overcoming his allergy suffering and taking his solution to help other people.

In his new book, Nothing to Sneeze At, Dr. Cliff Han, the founder, and CEO of AllerPops, shares a story that shows the profound impact on one’s life that education, immigration, and religion have. Besides the story, it gives simple and applicable information about how and why we have allergies as well.

Dr. Han says “I wrote the book because I want to tell the world that education and immigration may change a person’s life externally, a faith will change a person from the inside out.”

Dr. Han is the inventor of AllerPops. He is a former physician, a biologist with 30 years of experience, and an allergy sufferer. When his son also began to struggle with severe allergy symptoms, Dr. Han felt compelled to act.

“As a biologist and physician, I took my problem to the lab,” recalls Dr. Han. “I embarked on a life-changing journey to discover what was causing my family’s allergies. After three years of study, I found that allergic responses diminish when we have more good bacteria in our mouths. The relief my son and I experienced was dramatic, and that is when I determined to share this knowledge with other allergy sufferers.”  

Dr. Han’s research into allergic rhinitis offered a revolutionary solution. AllerPops ease respiratory upsets and irritations with expertly formulated, natural ingredients to provide complete nutrition for the probiotics that live in the airway. The mouth serves as a home reservoir for these crucial probiotics, and they pass to other parts of the airway as people breathe, talk, and eat.

“People need an abundant supply of these good bacteria,” explains Dr. Han. “They are the peacemakers between you and mother nature. AllerPops balance your immune system and ease respiratory stress by providing the good bacteria with the nutrition they need to thrive. If your probiotics aren’t healthy, you won’t be healthy either.”

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