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Complete Overview of Chinese Storage Company – Longsys

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Complete Overview of Chinese Storage Company – Longsys

February 23
15:34 2023


China’s memory storage technologies have come a long way in recent years. Memory vendors are enhancing the scope of the Chinese market by continuously launching new memory technologies. Longsys is a Chinese storage company that is a global provider of NAND flash solutions and DRAM solutions. With the help of new developments in the industry, we have been able to develop a range of products to meet various needs. The company is involved in the customization of memory chips, the development of hardware and software, smart technologies, and providing semiconductor memory devices. 

Longsys was established in the year 1999 and is involved in the research, exhibition, and delivery of premium memory solutions throughout the world. With a focus on delivering innovative and reliable products, Longsys has won numerous industry awards and has established itself as a trusted company in the storage industry. The company is honored with China Patent Excellence Award, a high-tech enterprise award, and a global electronic achievement award for its high technical specifications and memory standards.

Longsys’s Brands

The company owns two brands: FORESEE and Lexar. Both are engaged in the production of extensive memory solutions for distinct sectors.

FORESEE Brand: With the growing trend of industrial applications, Longsys established the FORESEE brand in 2011 intending to focus on the quality development of industrial storage products. It is working on the values of performance, function, quality, and profession. With consistent efforts and struggle, FORESEE now has four product lines to satisfy the memory needs of a certain sector. FORESEE is raising competition by upholding the highest standards of embedded storage solutions, mobile memory, memory module, and solid-state drive. Many industry sectors like automotive, industrial, automobile, and IoT, are heavily relying on FORESEE product lines. These products are made by utilizing high-quality resources, innovative testing measures, and smart technologies which is a plus point for engineers.

Lexar Brand: Lexar is an international consumer storage brand of Longsys and is involved in the development of memory solutions that can power up the consumer electronics system. Lexar has been awarded the red dot award for its excellent product quality and product design. All the Lexar solutions are strictly tested by the Lexar quality lab to ensure the reliability of products.

Longsys Impact on the Market

Longsys memory solutions are helping many sectors to evolve digitally. This Chinese storage company is featuring the high potential memory technologies that are enabling smart applications to store a massive amount of data and rapidly perform real-time data processing. This has supported the industry by launching the world’s first USB controller chip. The integrated UDP flash module is developed in 2008 to improve the business models of the USB industry. The eMCP, mini SDP, and microSD cards are launched to support the electronic systems requiring small size, high performance, and high storage.

The growing memory standard is challenging memory vendors to come up with the newest memory technologies. To achieve success in this highly competitive market, Storage Company like Longsys is providing effective consumer and industrial memory solutions that are based on current market needs. 

Success Factors

  1. Development Strategy

Memory products are developed by following the quality control development mechanism that optimizes the product’s reliability for up to 10 years. FORESEE brand is utilizing the hardware and software developed by the R&D team of Longsys. These memory products are helping the engineers by shortening the introduction cycle, providing excellent performance, and ensuring high security during data transmission. The standard development system and research programs are developed by Longsys for the successful development of storage solutions. The company has introduced mastered technologies like failure detection, error detection, bad block management, and reliable hardware circuits to promote the stable operations of memory chips.

  1. Diversified Product Portfolio 

The company has expanded its portfolio of products and solutions to include both consumer and enterprise-grade solutions that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. It is covering all types of form factors supporting large-size and small-size applications. For example; the subsize eMMC is made in a size of 9*7.5*0.8 mm or 10*11*0.8 mm to fit into small-size intelligent systems like smart watches, smart earphones, or industrial IPC. Also, small-capacity NAND solutions like parallel NAND flash and SPI NAND flash are launched to support devices requiring a small capacity of up to 4Gbit or less. 

  1. Global Business Strategy

The company business is growing in the local and global markets and is gaining a remarkable position in the industry by supplying reliable products and services to foreign OEM customers. Company headquarters are established in different geographical locations like Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province to perform market-oriented operations like researching and developing strategies. In addition to our headquarters in Shenzhen, a high-tech gathering place, we also have established branches in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Japan, and other places to provide premium products and services for customers worldwide.

  1. Quality Development 

Longsys is focusing on the quality development of products by deeply monitoring each development process. We have standard software testing factories that measure reliability by using various testing mechanisms. High-end stacking technology and robust design architecture are developed to focus on consistent chip performance. Memory products are specified with demanding features like wide-temperature endurance, higher storage capacity, low power consumption, data security, data integrity, fast read/write operations, higher compatibility, industry-standard stability, excellent efficiency, and performance.                


Longsys Company is agile and adaptive to remain competitive in this age of continuous technology advancement and growing customer expectations. To stay ahead of the competition, our company is striving to embrace data-driven business transformation and launch solutions that help business to make decisions and gain insights that lead to improved performance.

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