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New Decentralized and Anonymous Crypto Payment System – Bullet Cash

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New Decentralized and Anonymous Crypto Payment System – Bullet Cash

February 15
12:34 2023
Bull Flag’s highly-anticipated, next-generation decentralized and anonymous crypto payment system, Bullet Cash, is finally here. Discover the power of Web3: Bullet Cash is revolutionizing the way we send and receive Crypto.


LONDON, UK – February 15, 2023 – Bull Flag is a company that aims to revolutionize  the crypto space with cutting-edge technology, like the anonymous payment system,  Bullet Cash. 

The Bull Flag project is led by Team Alpha 7. The project’s main focus is to welcome the  bull market and increase the token’s price through its unique buyback mechanism. The  platform’s unique mechanism wipes off 2% of every transaction from the supply,  shrinking the supply and increasing the price.  

The project also displays all funds going into the buyback wallet in real-time and  promises to deliver scheduled major buybacks at different milestones. The Bull Flag  team has experience creating safe trading environments for cryptocurrencies and  intends to provide cutting-edge utilities to its owners and investors. 

The goal of the project is to lead the bull run season and deliver solid marketing and  partnerships in various social media communities while the final development phase of  each utility is underway.


What is Bullet Cash and How does it work?  

Bullet Cash is the new anonymous payment system of the community-driven crypto  project, Bull Flag. 

The Bullet Cash privacy protocol is powered by the Bullet Flag $BFL token which is the  native token for the platform. The community-driven platform will be 100%  decentralized, which means that no one has control over it. The decision-making  authority will be controlled by the community itself.  

The Bullet Cash ticket-based payment system will issue tickets to depositors, allowing  them to withdraw funds at their convenience. 

The aim of the project is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space by offering traceless  transactions, enabling users to send and receive payments anonymously, without  leaving any trace on the blockchain. 

What is unique about Bullet Cash? 

Besides providing security, innovation, privacy, and decentralization as a  payment system, Bullet Cash has a first-in-the-world system which makes it  extraordinarily unique. The Bullet Cash users will be able to call back their  cryptocurrency sent to the wrong addresses or scammers.  

This revolutionary feature makes Bullet Cash a highly attractive choice for those  seeking secure, private and anonymous crypto payment solutions.” 

How to use Bullet Cash? 

The cutting-edge, decentralized payment system Bullet Cash offers secure and  anonymous transactions on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon  Network.  

To deposit funds into Bullet Cash, you need to generate a random key, referred to as a  “note.” You can deposit ETH, BNB, MATIC(Polygon), or any ERC20 token and submit a  hash of the note to the Bullet Cash smart contract. 

To withdraw your funds, you’ll need to submit proof of having the valid key to one of the  notes deposited. The contract will transfer the Ether or ERC20 token to the specified  recipient. 

Here are the steps: 


• Generate a random key (note)  

• Deposit Ether, BNB, Matic (Polygon), or an ERC20 token  

• Submit a hash of the note to the Bullet Cash smart contract  

After depositing your funds, it’s recommended that you wait some time before  withdrawing to improve your privacy. The amount of time will depend on the type of  transaction and the Network you’re using. 


• Submit proof of having the valid key to one of the notes deposited  • The contract will transfer the coin/token to the specified recipient  

As a privacy, payment protocol, the smart contracts are immutable, have no admins,  and are secured by powerful cryptography. They are built on zero-knowledge proofs. To  ensure perfect anonymity, only the user who has the note can link the deposit and  withdrawal.


Bull Flag BFL Token Tokenomic 

In November 2022, Bull Flag (BFL), a hyper-deflationary token, was introduced on the  Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The robust tokenomic architecture of the token enables it  to retain growth and stability in its chart, making it a desirable choice for traders and  investors.

The BFL token has a True Burn mechanism that automatically burns 2% of every  transaction, reducing the supply and creating a stable price floor. The token also has a  buyback mechanism, where 2% of every transaction is converted to Binance Coin  (BNB) and stored in a designated wallet. Major buybacks are scheduled by the  community and run for a 24-hour period. 

The BFL token is available on PancakeSwap. The max supply of Bull Flag is  100,000,000 BFL, and the current total supply is 68,075,257.  

You can learn more about the BFL token on Coinmarketcap. 

BFL token on Coinmarketcap – 

The token distribution model includes a 7% tax for buying and selling, with the following  breakdown of the tax: 

• 2% for buyback  

• 2% for marketing  

• 1% for development  

• 2% for True Burn  

The platform’s custom Telegram buyback and burn bots show all funds in the buyback  wallet and total burn transactions in real time, respectively. The marketing and  development funds are used to push the project closer to its goals, while the True Burn  mechanism guarantees a reduction in supply and an increase in price. 

Bull Flag RoadMap 

The Bull Flag project has a clear and exciting roadmap ahead, with four distinct phases  of development and growth. 

The team has already accomplished Phase 1 and Phase 2. The next stage in the  platform’s roadmap will be launching the platform’s native launchpad ‘Bullpad, and  listing its native token $BFL on Centralized Exchanges (CEX). 

Bullpad Launchpad is planned to be a rug-free launchpad with low fees, and it’s  launching in the second quarter of 2023. 

Phase 1: 

• Web, Dapp, and Utility Development  

• Private sale  

• Contract audit  

• Team KYC 

Phase 2

• Launch on PancakeSwap (PCS)  

• First utility reveal (Bullet Cash)  

Phase 3: 

• Bullpad launchpad  

• Listings on Centralized Exchanges (CEX)  

• Partnerships  

• Top utility reveal (BullVerse)  

Phase 4: 

• Project expansion  

• Blockchain developments  

The BFL token is available on PancakeSwap 

About Bull Flag 

Bull Flag is aiming to bring cutting-edge utilities to the crypto  space, including the new anonymous payment system, Bullet Cash.  Bullet Cash is a private transaction protocol that offers a  decentralized and secure way for users to send and receive  payments anonymously, without leaving a trace on the blockchain. 

To learn more and begin traceless transactions with Bullet Cash, visit. 


Bull Flag Twitter 


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