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TX-DPS Records Discusses Updated State Policies on Document Submission

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TX-DPS Records Discusses Updated State Policies on Document Submission

February 13
17:45 2023
TX-DPS Records Discusses Updated State Policies on Document Submission

With state departments frequently facing issues of understaffing and high demand, obtaining documents such as Department of Public Safety records and Texas Vitals can be a challenge.

TX-DPS Records has implemented new measures to make it easier for customers to quickly and effortlessly access the information they need, with less hassle and frustration than attempting document procurement on their own.

However, Texas has recently updated its policies surrounding submitting documents, adding additional challenges that TX-DPS is helping current and former Texas residents overcome.

Updated State Policies Regarding Document Submission

Rules and regulations are always in a constant state of flux. Although many changes are instituted to improve service and protect the public, others add significant barriers or additional hoops to jump through in order to achieve the desired result.

Recently, Texas updated its policies regarding the submission of documents. Since this change, the state now only accepts original forms when making a request.

As such, TX-DPS Records has updated its plans and pricing model to help customers get the documents they need while adhering to state policies and procedures.

Updated Pricing Model Offers Value and Convenience  

TX-DPS Records is committed to streamlining the process for obtaining essential documents, such as certified Department of Public Safety records and Texas Vitals, for current and former Texas residents.

As such, keeping in front of developing changes in state policy is a top priority for the company. In light of recent updates, TX-DPS has updated its pricing model, offering two packages that meet the newly imposed standards put in place by Texas legislature.

Updated Packages Include:

  • $150 – includes certificates, fees, online notary, and express (overnight shipping)
  • $110 – includes certificates, fees, and online notary, plus standard priority mail

*For international customers, the Apostille service offers authentication for documents that need to be shipped outside of the country.

TX-DPS Records Provides Rapid Turnaround Time Along with Professional and Experienced Agents

Obtaining official documents in Texas can be a daunting task, with many residents facing significant challenges in the process. According to TX-DPS records, the process for obtaining documents such as driver records, death certificates, and birth certificates can be unreasonably complex and time-consuming.

This is further compounded by the fact that many individuals require these documents by a specific deadline, such as for taxes filings, employment, or legal purposes.

Despite the availability of customer service lines for various governmental departments, wait times can often be extremely long, especially during periods of high demand. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic factors have also contributed to a diminished workforce, making it even more difficult for residents to get the assistance they need.

TX-DPS Records aims to help Texas residents navigate this complex process by providing resources and assistance to obtain the required documents in a timely manner.

About TX-DPS Records

Founded in 2004, TX-DPS Records is a privately owned and operated company headquartered out of Texas. Since its inception, the company has built an exceptional track record of offering expedited, safe, and secure document procurement from the Department of Public Safety and Texas Vitals on behalf of its customers.

TX-DPS Records is a one-stop resource for acquiring official Texas DPS records. With a goal of providing customers with quick, safe, and convenient access to the documents they need, offering a wide range of document-obtaining services that ensure secure and fast delivery of vital records.

Its innovative online ordering system is user-friendly and secure, allowing customers to request access to a variety of documents without the need for phone calls or in-person visits. With TX-DPS Records, most records are delivered within 12 hours or less, and can be received through online means such as UPS overnight delivery or standard mail.

Those interested in learning more about the company’s services or in requesting certified records or documents from Texas, are encouraged to reach out via its official website or by calling 888-596-7307.

Disclaimer: is not owned, operated, or affiliated in any way with any government agency. specifically disclaims any and all connection with any state’s department, division, or bureau of motor vehicles or any other government agency.

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