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Disrupting the Future: US3R Founder Takes the Stage at MoleDao Event in Singapore

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Disrupting the Future: US3R Founder Takes the Stage at MoleDao Event in Singapore

February 13
11:20 2023



On the evening of 10 Feb 2023, the MoleDao event in Singapore was buzzing with excitement as Qiao Liang, the founder and core developer of US3R, took the stage as both the VIP speaker and panelist. The event was held at the Vanguard Building and was attended by a few hundred participants, all eager to learn more about US3R and how it can revolutionize the Web3 world.

Qiao Liang, with his extensive experience in the field of decentralized technology, shared his insights on the US3R Network and how it aims to elevate Web3 for the next billion users. He explained how the US3R Network provides programmable user-owned data, giving data ownership back to the user and allowing them to have total sovereignty over their data. He also highlighted how the US3R Network allows developers to tap into the data without breaching user’s privacy. At the end of the day, US3R make sure that users will always receive the most relevant content and dApps, creating a truly user-centered approach to decentralized applications.

The audience was highly impressed by the innovative approach taken by US3R and the potential it holds for the future of the Web3 world. Many participants were interested in finding out how US3R can benefit them and what it can do for their personal experience in Web3. Some were even eager to start using US3R and building hybrid DApps on the platform.

Qiao Liang also touched upon the interoperability of the US3R Network, explaining how it can seamlessly integrate with other blockchain platforms and decentralized applications. These features of US3R were highly appreciated by the participants, who saw the potential for US3R to play a major role in the future of decentralized technology.

After the presentation and the panel discussion, there was a Q&A session where participants had the opportunity to ask Qiao Liang and the US3R team any questions they had. The questions ranged from technical aspects of the US3R platform to its potential impact on the Web3 world and the recent social uprise. Qiao Liang provided insightful and knowledgeable answers and compared current and future platforms to bikes and cars, further impressing the audience and solidifying their confidence in US3R.

The MoleDao event in Singapore was highly successful, with many participants interested in finding out more about US3R and its potential to revolutionize the Web3 world. The innovative approach taken by US3R and its user-centered approach to decentralized applications was well received by the audience. The interoperability of the US3R Network and its capability to allow developers to tap in promised to change the Web3 landscape drastically. With Qiao Liang and the US3R team leading the way, the future of the Web3 world looks bright indeed.

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