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Supercrip: Actor with a disability, Tobias Forrest, teams with filmmaker Randall Miller to give away trip to Hawaii to fund film

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Supercrip: Actor with a disability, Tobias Forrest, teams with filmmaker Randall Miller to give away trip to Hawaii to fund film

February 10
23:33 2023
Supercrip: Actor with a disability, Tobias Forrest, teams with filmmaker Randall Miller to give away trip to Hawaii to fund film

Supercrip Character: Aqua Sushi Roll from the forthcoming hand-drawn digital collectible animated series Supercrip which aims to highlight the lack of opportunity for actors with disabilities.
New film Supercrip aims to change the way people with disabilities are cast, and they are giving away an all-expenses trip for 2 to Hawaii for one lucky supporter to make the point.

Hollywood – February 10th, 2023 – The team behind Supercrip is giving away a trip to Hawaii, a trip to Disneyland and a trip to your local Bowling Alley to help fund the “Supercrip” feature film and raise awareness about the lack of Hollywood roles for people with disabilities. The feature film stars Tobias Forrest, a talented actor and C5 quadriplegic.

“People want to help us, but it’s even better if they could win a big prize for doing it!” says Tobias.

The issue confronted by the film is the lack of proportional representation in major films and television productions from people with disabilities. The filmmakers realize that the best way to get people interested is to give stuff away. In keeping with the themes of the Supercrip characters they are giving away a trip for two to Hawaii that would make Aquaman (or the parody version Aqua Sushi Roll) proud. The prize includes airfare, hotel and a pair of snorkels or $2500 in cash (details and rules are at The second prize is a trip to two to Disneyland so that you can ride Indiana Jones Adventure (parody version called Geriatric Indy) to your hearts content or $1000 in cash (details and rules are at Lastly, a bowling party at your local alley, the kind of fun The Dude (The Big Lebowski) would approve (parody version is The Dude on Wheels), bowling shoes not included or $500 in cash (details and rules are at

“Approximately 26% of the population has some form of disability,” says SuperCrip writer/producer Randall Miller (writer/director of Sundance hits Bottle Shock and Marilyn Hotchkiss, CBGB and Nobel Son), “but fewer than 1% of movie and TV roles are given to people with disabilities. Even disabled roles are given to able-bodied actors. Nobody is more qualified to portray a person with disabilities than someone living with a disability. The Supercrip digital launch is designed to get people thinking, and to address this issue in Hollywood.”

“The Supercrip screenplay is super funny and wonderful and it needs to be made. Randy and I have created the Supercrip digital art to poke fun at Hollywood and bring attention to the issues of bias against casting the disabled in Hollywood,” says illustrator/filmmaker Michael Davis (writer/director of Shoot Em Up and 8 Days a Week).

The technique and funding channel used to raise the finance for this Film uses the latest of the new Blockchain technologies to emerge, the NFT or Non-Fungible Token. In layman’s terms, a digital collectible that allows the owner certain ownership rights to an image or product.

These digital collectibles are a tonic for Hollywood, depicting parody versions of famous movie characters. Instead of 300, there’s 299 1/2. Instead of James Bond, there’s Lames Bond. Instead of Gandalf the White, there’s Gandroll the White. Each character in the collection bases its likeness on Supercrip’s Tobias Forrest.

The collection has three tiers: Super-Powered, Stand Alone, and Franchise. Additionally, there are plans for two additional seasons of Supercrip characters, a racing game, and a Supercrip Coin. Along with Tobias Forrest, Randall Miller, and Michael Davis, the team includes Steve McKeon of MacNerd and Jody Savin (writer/producer Bottle Shock, Marilyn Hotchkiss, CBGB and Nobel Son).

In addition to fundraising for the film, NFT sales will fund donations to organizations and non-profits within the disability space. These companies and foundations include ABILITYMagazine, Fodac, Ralph’s Riders, Triumph Foundation, CinemAbility Foundation, abilityEntertainment, RespectAbility, Artists For Trauma, and Permobil.

Technology Consultancy MacNerd is minting and facilitating the NFT sale. The NFTs have varying levels of rarity and special details; the first run will be 5501 individually handcrafted GIFs digitally rendered by the Consultancy.

“This collection is super fun,” says MacNerd CEO Steve McKeon. “Not only are these intricate pieces of art, but they’re also funding the film and raising awareness for thousands of artists underrepresented in TV and film.”

More information on Supercrip Productions can be found here:

More information on MacNerd can be found here: httips://

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