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‘You Can Write a Book for Your Grandchildren’ by Diane Kruger Cohen, a Great Source of Creative Ideas for Parents to Write for Their Youngsters

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‘You Can Write a Book for Your Grandchildren’ by Diane Kruger Cohen, a Great Source of Creative Ideas for Parents to Write for Their Youngsters

February 09
21:52 2023

Story-telling is a fascinating way to create a meaningful bond with your children. It’s a healthy activity with so many amazing potentials for your little ones and a source of inspiration to learn invaluable lessons and enhance their English vocabulary skills. Apart from all the different styles of reading prose, picture books play a significant role in children’s cognitive development. Grandparents and adults always find meaningful ways to interact with their children. Writing a children’s illustration book can upsurge the bond and give the grown-ups immense joy and reward of composing something creative and valuable for their youngsters.

So, let’s dive deep into the passion of putting your creative skills to the test and writing amazing picture illustrations with author Diane Kruger Cohen’s illustrative book, ‘You Can Write a Book for Your Grandchild’. Diane is a writer with 35 years of teaching English to non-native speakers. She is about to launch her new book, ‘You Can Write a Book for Your Grandchild’, which will be a great source of creative ideas for parents to write for their children. Her innovative and creative story writing methods will take away the fears of first-time writers. Diane has described easy, step-by-step instructions, several forms of examples, simple exercises, recommended storylines and helpful tips to make the story-writing process easy and simple for beginners. And a way to ensure that everyone can accomplish their goal of writing a picture book.

According to Diane, “During these times of fast pace technological advancement, children need more than ever to slow things down, cuddle up with their grandparents and heed their comforting words as they read a story written especially for them. I want everyone to experience the joy of writing their first book, receive loving and affectionate gestures from their children and realize that they’ve played a major part in inspiring their kids to become lifelong readers.”

This book lets the readers delve into the author’s personal writing adventures, how she was capable of writing over 75 picture books and continues to write for her grandchildren into their tweens. Every grandparents and parent should realize the importance of reading to their children because this is a significant way to teach young ones values, instill ethnic heritage and pass on family traditions. So, let’s get started with writing your first creative picture book!

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