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The Cycle Of Cyrnos Book Two Unravels The Period Of The Bronze Age With Mind-Boggling Twists

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The Cycle Of Cyrnos Book Two Unravels The Period Of The Bronze Age With Mind-Boggling Twists

February 09
00:21 2023

The author brings an exciting storyline with twists of the bronze age.

With the immensely positive response to the first book in The Cycle of Cyrnos Series, the author launched a new addition to the series ‘THE FOUNDATION’ on 14th November 2020. Being a Corsican, Pascal Paul Piazza has competently focused on exploring what it is meant to be a Corsican. The book contains fascinating content for the readers covering the period from the Bronze Age to the eve of the Crusades. 

Throughout the book, it is focused mainly on Corsica’s local legends and lore. Still, it also highlights Corsica, which played an integral role in the early history of the Western Mediterranean through the Late Antique Period and was underappreciated. The artist portrays Corsica as an ungovernable island with an ungovernable people, which provided a crucible for civilization and culture as a result of the relationships with the Sherden, Phoenicians, Phocaea’s, Carthaginians, Etruscans, Romans, Visi, Vandals, Goths, Byzantines, Lombards, Franks, Saracens, Popes, Genoese and Pisans each seeking to trade with, dominate, govern or administer Corsica. Upon its release, the book became a massive hit and one of the best sellers on Amazon for its highly-engaging and captivating content. 

“As much as we love the craft, part of our calling as writers should be to stretch ourselves beyond the calling to write. “The Cycle of Cyrnos – Book Two: Foundation” explores what it meant to be a Corsican. It is an epic poem covering the period from the Bronze Age to the eve of the Crusades. The story will keep you hooked throughout with its exciting plot twists and tons of surprises,” the author adds. 

With this classical masterpiece, Pascal Paul Piazza has won the hearts of numerous fiction lovers, providing them with a wondrous storyline. The author’s undeniable creative writing skills have enabled him to illustrate how the soul of a Corsican is manifested in one of the oldest and largest megalithic traditions, in the sanctuary of the maquis and interior, in the loyalty of federates, in the diaspora, in the lure to major powers and religions, and in the resulting Corsican character that results. 

The book is available on Amazon at affordable rates and can be shipped worldwide to reading enthusiasts. 

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