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L-Evate Property Solutions Shares What to Expect When Hiring an Agent in Raleigh

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L-Evate Property Solutions Shares What to Expect When Hiring an Agent in Raleigh

February 07
02:36 2023
L-Evate Property Solutions Shares What to Expect When Hiring an Agent in Raleigh
L-Evate Property Solutions provides important tips on what to expect from Agents in Raleigh
Hiring a local agent is the usual choice when selling a house. However, with some research, it is possible to sell a house on your own. L-Evate Property Solutions shares what to expect when selling directly.

Is Hiring an Agent in Raleigh Worth it?

Selling a house comes with few options. Working with an agent in Raleigh is one option. 

Agents can be an invaluable resource when selling a house, but they are not the only option. With a little bit of research, the average Raleigh homeowner can discover cheaper, faster options. Before deciding whether or not to use an agent, it is important to weigh all your options carefully. Before signing a contract with an agent, check out these tips from L-Evate Property Solutions before you contact a real estate agent in Raleigh.

Upfront Costs

It is important to do research before putting a house on the market. Homeowners should look at similar properties on the market to determine what people are asking for similar properties. A home seller should take a look at what these properties are actually selling for. If the house does not match with the competition, it may be necessary to make repairs or upgrades to the property. Putting a house in the market for too long will result in potential buyers losing interest in the property over time.

There are also closing costs associated with a home sale. They usually amount to 2% of the final sale price. Closing costs include appraisal fees, taxes, deed recording, title search, and more.

Agent’s Fees

Prior to listing a house, agents would ask for all associated costs involved. Deciding to list a house with an agent entails a commitment to paying them commission, which is usually 6% of the final sale price, when the house is sold. Agents in Raleigh may also charge a fee for administrative costs, listing fees, marketing, photography, and other services. 

Working with an agent is a partnership — it is important that both the agent and the seller are both on the same page to make sure that both have the same expectations coming into selling a house. It is also very important to read the listing agreement carefully since no two agents have the same contract.

The Importance of Time

Listing a house involves taking a gamble. As a seller, there are no guarantees for how much for the final selling price or whether the deal will be closed at all. This can make it difficult to plan ahead.

Moreover, a homeowner is required to continue paying the monthly costs associated with owning the home, such as insurance, taxes, and utilities. A real estate agent can list the house at any price the seller wants, but the seller is not assured that they will be able to sell for the same price.

Sell Your House Fast with L-Evate Property Solutions

For those interested in selling their homes in Raleigh without the traditional listing costs, L-Evate Property Solutions can help. As a top cash home buyer in Raleigh, they offer a variety of services that can save homeowners time and money. 

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