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The difference between drilled screws and self-tapping screws

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The difference between drilled screws and self-tapping screws

February 06
11:56 2023

In daily life, drilling screws and self-tapping screws are widely used, what is the difference between these two, Aozhan hardware fastener manufacturers to give you a brief introduction.

What is a drill tail screw?


Drill-tail screws can also be called drill-tail screws, the end of which is drilled or sharp-tailed, and can be drilled, tapped and fastened directly on the raw materials and main materials set up without any assistance in production processing, thus saving construction time significantly.

What do you mean by self-tapping screws?

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Self-tapping screws, or quick-tooth screws, are quick-fit fasteners made of steel with passivated zinc plating on the surface. Self-tapping screws are generally used for the connection between thin metal sheets (thick steel plates, saw plates, etc.). When connecting, first to the connected parts made of threaded bottom hole, and then the self-tapping screws screwed into the threaded bottom hole of the connected parts.

The same points between drilled screws and self-tapping screws

Both of them have threaded body and can be self-tapped.

The difference between self-tapping screws and drill screws

1, the main difference in use: self-tapping screws for non-metallic materials or too soft metal (such as color steel tiles) and other low strength materials, it can be fixed on the material, by its own screw teeth, to be fixed immovable body “drilling, squeezing, pressing, tapping” out of the corresponding screw teeth, so that they fit each other. And drilling screws are mainly used in the steel structure of the color steel roof fixed immobile, thin plate only on the fixed.

2, the difference in the use of methods: self-tapping screws tightening through the extrusion of the corresponding threads. No need to open the hole, tapping, once the actual operation, but not recommended several times drilling, easy to damage the drilling or slip buckle condition. Drill tail screw use, do not need to assist in the production process, can be directly on the material drilling, tapping, clamping, etc. to complete the actual operation at once, greatly saving the installation time.

3, the difference in appearance and design: self-tapping screws are generally pointed, coarse teeth, hard texture, with a certain degree of finish, so that you can “self-tapping”, but can not drill, and drill-tail screws screw head has a twist drill can be drilled. 

The above is a brief introduction to the difference between drill tail screws and self-tapping screws, I hope it will be helpful to you. Stainless steel drill tail screws and stainless steel self-tapping nails are one of the main products of Aozhan hardware fastener manufacturers, sufficient stock, spot supply, stainless steel material, corrosion and rust resistance, complete specifications, can send e-mail to get a free quote: [email protected], very much looking forward to business cooperation with you.

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