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1-800-Foundation Repair Delivers Solutions to Foundation Damage Caused by Drought

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1-800-Foundation Repair Delivers Solutions to Foundation Damage Caused by Drought

February 06
10:06 2023
1-800-Foundation Repair Delivers Solutions to Foundation Damage Caused by Drought
1-800-Foundation Repair is committed to keeping homes safe with end-to-end foundation solutions.

1-800-Foundation Repair, a Texas-based team of foundation repair specialists, is moving at the forefront of improving residential and commercial infrastructures as drought continues to affect the region.

According to the US Seasonal Drought Outlook, drought conditions are expected to persist until the end of March 2023, with the High Plains bearing the brunt of its effects. This extended period of water shortage has caused a mass strain on several infrastructures, particularly concrete ones.

The lack of water during a dry spell can cause a property’s foundation to crack due to the expansion and contraction of the soil as it dries out. If these are not addressed quickly, the cracks can grow larger, create a void under the home, and become dangerous hazards threatening the property’s structural integrity. In some cases, this can pose a life-threatening risk to homeowners and their families. Without the strength and stability of a strong foundation, properties are at risk of collapsing.

Moreover, unlike other extreme weather conditions like flooding, drought’s effects on foundations often go undetected until the damage has already been done. By the time property owners notice the issues, the damage is often severe and requires significant work to correct. While repairing foundations is generally straightforward, several factors complicate the matter during a drought. Without the proper knowledge and technical skills, attempting to fix any foundation can lead to disastrous results.

1-800-Foundation Repair has the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable solutions to foundation challenges and prevent further structural damage to any property.

It boasts a team of highly-experienced technicians and professional structural engineers who understand the nuances of foundation repair of all sizes. They know how to identify and address any potential issues before they become problematic and too costly to fix.

Throughout the years, the team has successfully designed and implemented repair solutions for all sorts of projects, from simple to more complex damages. They showcase unparalleled workmanship, using only premier materials to keep homes and commercial properties safe. For the team, there’s nothing more important than delivering superb service to ensure every client’s safety and security.

Since 2001, 1-800-Foundation Repair has been helping Texans keep their foundations secure and is continually working to combat further damage caused by the drought. It currently services Houston, Dallas, Katy, Pasadena, and other surrounding Texas areas, offering free estimates on its services.

Contact 1-800-Foundation Repair for reliable and efficient foundation repair services in Texas:

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