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Celebrate the Spring Festival in Fengdu, Let the World meet in Wuling

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Celebrate the Spring Festival in Fengdu, Let the World meet in Wuling

February 02
11:30 2023

“I`ve never had a such romantic Spring Festival like Fengdu!” James from the UK exclaimed, watching the “Phoenix Soaring” light and shadow show rising into the sky under the night.

2023-01-24 15:16:13.954000

This is the opening ceremony of the 2023 Year of Rabbit Fengdu Blessing Cultural Festival. This Blessing Festival event linked Wuling Cultural Tourism Company, a platform company of the Wuling Mountain Cultural Tourism Development Alliance. During the event, experts from the United States, Britain and Germany in Chongqing were invited to Fengdu in person, aiming to convey “the most Chongqing New Year’s way” from an international perspective”, singing Fengdu Cultural Tourism’s integrated cultural festival brand, and shaping the cultural tourism IP of Wuling Mountain.

2023-01-24 15:03:43.005000

The Blessing Festival is Fengdu’s first large-scale cultural and tourism festival event launched in 2023 by taking advantage of the regional advantages of the Wuling Mountain Cultural Tourism Development Alliance based on “culture as the boundary” in Fengdu. The prelude plays a role in promoting Fengdu’s cultural tourism business card and leading the Wuling mountainous cultural tourism resources to “go out and bring in”. The three international friends are:

Frank (US) is an associate professor of the Department of Education of Southwest University in Chongqing. In 2019, Professor Frank was introduced to China as an overseas high-end talent in the “Juxian Project” and “Chongqing Hundred Talents Program” of Southwest University in Chongqing. In 2022, when a mountain fire broke out in Beibei District, Chongqing, he actively participated in the rescue volunteer team.James(English) Foreign journalists from Chongqing International Communication Center, who are proficient in English, Chinese, French and Korean, tell the story of China’s Chongqing development to global audiences through graphic manuscripts, special videos, life blogs, and on-site hosts. Good voice of China, won the best reporter of the year, outstanding journalist and other honors.

2023-01-24 14:57:41.207000

Martin (Germany) has 570,000+ Douyin fans and 10 million+ content broadcasts. He is a self-media blogger and has opened many German restaurants in Chongqing.

2023-01-26 12:59:51.314000

(Left:Frank Middle:Martin Right:James)

I heard that a grand “Three Realms Parade” blessing ceremony will be held on the second day of junior high school. Frank and James came to the famous mountain scenic spot early. Before the large group of tourists arrived, the two families took a group photo with NPC happily and walked around. “Happy Rabbit you” happy market, watch walking on stilts, beat drums with the children to welcome blessings, stand under the stage with excitement and wait for the opening of the blessing ceremony.


At 10 o’clock in the morning, the square was already crowded with people, and the host announced the opening of the ceremony with a high-spirited encouraging song. The most handsome Huaguang, the most beautiful Meng Po, the most majestic Fengdu Emperor, bull head and horse face, black and white impermanence and other classic mythological figures all appeared on the stage. The audience shared the blessing ceremony with the “gods”, experienced the traditional etiquette system of the Chinese nation, and appreciated the blessing culture of Fengdu.

2023-01-24 15:03:43.200000

Frank and James said they were very pleasantly surprised. They have never participated in such an event after coming to China for many years. They can feel the difference between the “God” in Chinese mythology and the “God” in the West, and appreciate the different oriental beauty.

2023-01-24 14:45:40.304000

After the ceremony, the two families and other tourists went up to Mount Pingdu to experience the “six pursuits of blessings”, took pictures with the big gourd of “Pharmacist Buddha”, touched the gold ingot of “God of Wealth”, and crossed the “Naihe Bridge”. Drink a bowl of “Mengpo Soup”, and finally take a group photo in front of the “Wuyun Tower” and shout out wishing “everything will be successful” for the new year.

2023-01-24 14:57:41.631000

Due to the rich activities and different contents of this Fengdu Blessing Festival, the venues of the activities are spread all over the county. Both Frank and James participated in it with great interest, experiencing the experience of writing calligraphy “blessing under the pen”, setting off river lanterns and lighting Kongming lanterns “Fuxing shines brightly”, the lucky draw “I am the luckiest”…

2023-01-24 14:59:21.163000

To celebrate the new year in Fengdu, of course we have to have a reunion dinner. The “Fu Xing Man Tang” Wanjia blessing banquet prepared a variety of local delicacies. “Spicy Chicken” is of course the finale.

2023-01-24 14:59:20.989000

Martin, as a food blogger, has devoted himself to “Yummy Dog”, who brought German delicacies to Chongqing, said after tasting the spicy chicken: “This spicy chicken looks like it is all wrapped in chili oil. It’s not particularly spicy, but it’s fragrant and spicy, the meat is tender, fat but not greasy, it’s so delicious, I must recommend it to my friends in Germany.”

2023-01-26 12:57:05.947000

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, the most anticipated show is finally coming. Everyone came to the immigration square to wait for the first “Phoenix Soaring” light and shadow show in the country that integrates laser show, scene interpretation, and digital multimedia. In the sound, watching the golden phoenix soaring slowly, I deeply feel the humanistic charm of Fengdu’s 5,000-year-old Phoenix City and 2,000-year-old Dongtian Paradise!

2023-01-26 13:02:43.198000

It is reported that this Fengdu Blessing Festival will last from January 23 to February 21. Wuling Cultural Tourism Company will make continuous reports, and will successively land on major media at home and abroad in the form of graphic information and videos, and sing the text together. The main theme of tourism internationalization composes a new chapter of “meeting Wuling with the world”.

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