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Altitude Control Technology is moving forward to become a leader in transformative oxygenation systems.

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Altitude Control Technology is moving forward to become a leader in transformative oxygenation systems.

February 02
07:03 2023
Altitude Control Technology is on a mission to provide the safest, most effective oxygen systems on the planet.

Altitude Control Technology, a leading provider of whole house oxygenation systems and scientific altitude simulation systems, is redefining the same with its innovative, science-backed oxygen generator. Altitude Control Technology (ACT) leverages transformative technologies to create oxygenation systems suited for scientific research and to help improve sleep in high-elevation homes. The oxygen systems boast powerful performance with long-term results.

A mountain home sounds perfect for people looking to escape the busy city life. However, with altitude changes comes various issues. High-altitude homes offer incredible views, comfort, quiet and fresh air, but most people’s sleep quality ranges from poor to practically nonexistent. The reduced oxygen levels at high altitudes cause restless sleep. To help homeowners complete the mountain home package, ACT steps in with leading-edge solutions to help mitigate the low oxygen levels in high-altitude homes.

Home oxygenation offers the perfect oxygen supplementation to help people enjoy their mountain experiences. ACT, an emerging leader in whole house oxygenation systems and altitude simulation systems, is proud to present people with elegant solutions to a common problem. Altitude simulators help regulate the oxygen and nitrogen levels in high-altitude homes to ensure safety and comfort. ACT house oxygen generator is a state-of-the-art system equipped with sensors to track a house’s oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide levels. These levels are then constantly adjusted by special controllers to replicate optimal atmospheric conditions for the user.

The science-backed whole house oxygen generator was informed by studies conducted to ascertain the best way to help people get quality sleep and keep safe in their high-altitude homes. ACT oxygenation systems are now recognized as the world’s most advanced systems and altitude simulation technology. “We offer a full range of altitude simulation options and air separation technology, including membranes and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.”

Not only is Altitude Control Technology setting a new standard with its life-changing room oxygen generator, but the company is also leading the charge with excellent customer service and an unrivaled commitment to research. ACT’s altitude control system is an award-winning innovation praised for its accuracy and ability to control oxygen pressure. The company is also a leader in research and safety. “ACT is at the intersection of science, technology, and engineering with expertise in the physics and physiology of altitude.”

In line with its commitment to lead the industry with innovative, future-forward technologies and solutions, ACT continues to dramatically advance home oxygenation technology in every regard. The company is revolutionizing everything from electronics to communications, controllers, sensors, designs, algorithms, air separation, and more. “When dealing with ACT, you know that you will get an altitude system that is truly the standard.”

ACT altitude simulation technology works for both high and low altitudes. To ensure people understand the importance of oxygen supplementation in high and low-altitude homes, ACT shares various valuable resources on its website. People can also browse research papers on oxygenation systems, altitude sickness, and more.

The company is currently expanding its portfolio and continues to demonstrate the value of genuine innovation.

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