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Following Kris King’s path to success – Founder and CEO of SnapHouss

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Following Kris King’s path to success – Founder and CEO of SnapHouss

January 27
21:39 2023
Starting from scratch to a prominent real estate tech mogul in less than 3 years.

Kris King — the Founder and CEO of SnapHouss — was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, and lived there for the majority of his life. He studied for his Bachelor’s Degree in IT Management in his home province of Ontario. He excelled his way through the corporate world at the head office of several large Canadian-owned franchises, like Pet-Valu. Canadian Tire Corporation, to name a few, before getting married at the young age of 25. Alongside his professional and personal career, Kris also juggled a thriving digital marketing business, providing web and app development solutions and a host of complimentary services to up-and-coming startups.

Moving to the US

Upon tying the knot, Kris accepted an offer as the Director of Operations for a tech company in Beijing. He would then be responsible for their expansion initiatives to Los Angeles, California. He stayed in that position until a surprise element was added to his busy life; a new family member.

Leaving the US

There was only one option left for Kris, to utilize his support system back in Toronto. Kris decided to step down as the Director of Operations. His decision was also solidified by a growing, unknown virus spreading throughout the US called CoronaVirus (then later named COVID-19). His decision became certain.

Back to Basics

Kris knew one thing and one thing well. Digital Marketing. Ever since he was at University, he mastered his craft. He identified key areas of need within industries, providing unique, innovative solutions to bring together systems, processes, and people with technology to create value for the end consumer. He set his eyes on Canada’s most promising industry, real estate.

With a positive attitude and a rock-solid support system, he started SnapHouss, a real estate photography franchise. Kris and his digital marketing agency team spent months perfecting their offering, back-end systems, and end-to-end processes.

Within approximately 1 year, Kris took SnapHouss from 1 location in Toronto to 25 locations across Canada and the US, making SnapHouss the largest real estate photography franchise in North America.

The Beginning of the Future

The future of real estate is 100% digital. If it means watching videos on social media, creating custom curated content, interacting through mobile apps, or even taking a 3D interactive tour of a property, SnapHouss is ahead of the curve in every dimension.

“We introduced one product line in the middle of the year and took a franchised location doing $5,000 a month to over $25,000 a month because we know where the eyeballs are going before they’re looking in that direction,” said Kris King

Understanding the digital landscape and identifying its patterns is what Kris does best in order to come up with unique solutions that would not only become the norm in the industry but have the end consumer remember that SnapHouss was the first to do it.

“I developed the mobile app for SnapHouss in the first year in business but never released it to the public until the brand was in the position of power both locally and nationally. As a technical founder, I knew the only way to distance ourselves from any competitor in any market we entered was through industry-changing technology,” says Kris.

SnapHouss currently has a remote staff of over 20 on the back end pumping out hundreds of videos and tens of thousands of photos a month. It is one of the largest Matterport partners, hosting hundreds of recurring monthly 3D Virtual Tours in its arsenal.

Kris has created more than just the average photography company. He has built a business that blends the prop-tech, franchising, and home services industry into one simple solution. Some compare it to being the Uber of Real Estate or even the McDonalds of Photography, but regardless of what people label it, Kris keeps his company laser-focused on the industry and clientele it is targeting.

A Technical CEO

In some ways, Kris is not your typical Canadian-based Founder and CEO. He started the company when he was 28 years old — married, with a daughter on the way (at the time), and with little direction regarding the future. Yet, given this, Kris has succeeded in turning his company into an international prop-tech unicorn. He now has two daughters and has grown the business from zero to hero in under 3 years.

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