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Tony Jeton Selimi Focuses on Business Coaching and Transformational Life Coaching To Help Clients Expand Their Vision and Master Their Life

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Tony Jeton Selimi Focuses on Business Coaching and Transformational Life Coaching To Help Clients Expand Their Vision and Master Their Life

January 25
19:18 2023
Visionary thinker Tony Jeton Selimi has the rare ability to awaken the inner wisdom of clients and assists them with finding their purpose in life.

Living in an uncertain world contributes to various personal issues and in present times, many people are not living out their potential. When burdened with anxiety, phobias, addictions or depression, making crucial decisions for one’s life and career can be challenging without astute professional guidance.

Tony Jeton Selimi is a visionary who specializes in business coaching and transformational life coaching. He helps people of every profession realize their potential and escape their mental imprisonment through life and business mastery training. Having lived through critical illness, civil war, and homelessness, Tony has transformed his own life into one of success and countless achievements—all the requisite credentials to assist vulnerable people in finding their purpose in life.

An author and life coach, Tony J. Selimi studied continuously for thirty years in multiple disciplines to deliver his teachings. He has delivered 25,000 hours of coaching, training, and mentoring, and businesses from myriad industries and market sectors have turned to him for help solving their problems. He works on a virtual basis and in-person with clients all over the globe, facilitating the realisation and accomplishment of personal, relationship, professional, financial and business goals. Selimi can assist in creating life-changing breakthroughs, growth, and accelerating the journey to excellent health, greater authority and influence, a fulfilling relationship, business growth, wealth and success.

TJS Cognition Ltd, a company founded by Tony J. Selimi, offers a range of services to help others rid themselves of pain, master their potential and find the most effective path to success and fulfilment. Based out of the Greater London area, the company typically works with business owners, C-Suite individuals, serial entrepreneurs, celebrities, and industry leaders and offers services such as speaking, consultations, business coaching, corporate programs, coaching programs, filmmaking, seminars and workshops.

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Tony J. Selimi does not just nurture success, he also creates it. And this is evident in the numerous awards he has won for his work. Freeing people from mental imprisonment is exactly what Tony excels at. Through his Vital Planning program, the five-day program that seeks to holistically change lives, Tony uses his award-winning methodologies to radically transform his clients. These methodologies can also be found in his books, The Unfakeable Code®, A Path to Excellence, #Loneliness, and A Path to Wisdom: The ALARM®. He has appeared on CBS, Fox News, NBC and The CW.

TJS Cognition Ltd provides group consultations and coaching, as well as one-on-one coaching. With a philosophy of personalized and individual attention to each client, its coaching method helps business leaders and entrepreneurs find their direction and take action necessary to build their companies to the next level—increasing profits and productivity, and developing team and individual confidence.

Many people find success a difficult goal to achieve. Societal pressures and inner struggles can often make the road to a successful career near impossible. Failure to achieve one’s life goals can cause one to succumb to anxiety or even depression. Having experienced many negative events in life and coming out on top, Tony knows what it takes to overcome life’s challenges—his success in life proves it. With TJS Cognition Ltd, his mission is to share his approach to success with others.

His Vital Planning for Purposeful, Prosperous, and Philanthropic Living five or ten-day one on one retreat has a blend of scientific and holistic approach to business and personal growth. The retreat activities vary from walks on the beach to swimming with dolphins. But throughout it all, one-on-one coaching and tuition with Tony’s personal touch is an important cog in unlocking the mind and driving it towards success. 

About the Company:

TJS Cognition LTD is a consulting company based out of the Greater London Area. The company was founded and is run by Tony Jeton Selimi, a business coach and visionary, determined to help clients master their potential. TJS Cognition LTD offers various products and services, such as consultations, business coaching, corporate programs, coaching programs, and seminars and workshops. Tony J. Selimi is also a published author and has published multiple books, surrounding topics of excellence and wisdom. Tony J. Selimi is the winner of multiple awards which speaks to his expertise, skills, and knowledge in the areas of business coaching. 

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