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Maze Releases New Report Identifying The Trends That Will Shape The Product Research Industry In 2023 And Beyond

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Maze Releases New Report Identifying The Trends That Will Shape The Product Research Industry In 2023 And Beyond

January 25
18:18 2023

A newly released report from the continuous product discovery platform Maze uncovers how product teams are informing decision-making through continuous discovery and research. Developed in partnership with Atlassian, the firm’s new Continuous Research Report: Trends to Watch in 2023 explores the practice of continuous research and highlights three key trends that are set to shape the future of the research industry.

To identify these trends, the Maze team surveyed over 600 product professionals, including UX researchers, designers, and product managers. Questions included how product teams conduct research, who’s conducting research within the team, how often they engage with customers, and how they use the research findings to inform their decisions. Senior officials in Maze’s research team highlight the key findings from the report:

1. Continuous research is becoming a well-established practice

The report shows that most organizations understand the value of research and that continuous research is becoming a well-established practice. 77% of those surveyed conduct a new research study at least monthly, while 83% of product professionals agree that research should happen at every stage of the product development process.

More companies see the competitive advantage of working closely with customers to inform decisions and build successful products. 78% of product professionals believe their company could do more research, yet they still face many challenges in running more studies—the main ones being time limitations (64%), budget limitations (46%), recruiting respondents limitations (31%), and tooling limitations (25%).

2. The industry is moving towards the democratization of research

Maze’s Continuous Research Trends Report highlights that the industry is shifting towards an increased democratization of research. Even though 82% of product organizations have at least one dedicated UX researcher, the increased demand for research insights has outpaced the bandwidth of most research teams. As a result, in addition to researchers (58%), designers (69%), product managers (54%), marketers (28%), and engineers (10%) conduct research at their companies.

64% of respondents underlined that their organization has a democratized research culture. Additionally, 63% of companies have a decentralized or hybrid UX research team in place. This shows that companies are scaling the impact of research by enabling different teams to run their own research.

3. Continuous research enables more effective decision-making

The third key trend uncovered in the new report is that continuous research paves the way for more effective decision-making within companies. 74% of the audience reported that their research is effective or partially effective in determining decision-making at their organizations. Crucially, the report shows that product teams who conduct research more often, weekly or daily, report more effective decision-making than those who conduct research less often, quarterly or yearly (effectiveness score = 3.65/5 vs. 3.24/5).

Furthermore, the report shows that continuous research has a positive impact on customer satisfaction, product and feature adoption, active users, and revenue.

“For too long, centralized research teams have been the industry standard. Now, our report highlights that the sector is shifting towards decentralized research methods, which Maze facilitates. The report also underlines the importance of continuous product discovery. Firms often don’t have the time or budget to obtain the data they need through traditional methods. Our Continuous Research Trends Report is helping Maze to fine-tune its end-to-end research solution, which provides enhanced speed, cost-effectiveness and democratization,” outlines Jonathan Widawski, Co-Founder and CEO of Maze.

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Maze is a continuous product discovery platform that empowers product teams to collect and consume user insights, continuously. With solutions for participant recruitment, product research, and reporting, Maze helps teams build the habit of continuous product discovery in a platform that enables everyone to run great research.

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