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Ayo Jeremiah, Business Marketing Strategist and Success Coach Dedicated to Changing Lives & Businesses in 2023

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Ayo Jeremiah, Business Marketing Strategist and Success Coach Dedicated to Changing Lives & Businesses in 2023

December 05
18:30 2022


As we approach the dawn of another new year, the electrifying buzz of new years’ resolutions is in the air. Social media hashtags will begin to increase exponentially with people getting ready to restart the clock at midnight on New Year’s day. Many thrive on the hope of success, prosperity, change, and happiness in the new year. However, Ayo Jeremiah’s rule to success involves urging individuals and businesses to stop waiting and wishing for things to magically work out by making a list of things to change in the new year but to take strategic steps, actions, and decisions to make incremental changes that will take both motivation and commitment.


Consider taking a more active role in your quest to make beneficial and rewarding changes. Ayo Jeremiah’s success-building process called IGNITE can help you do this even before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s day.

(I) Invest in your time. You have 24 hours every single day to make decisions and changes that will not only affect your day, but the rest of your life and your future generations to come. Every second is implacably important and priceless. You can always make more money, but you can never bend the rules and reality of time.

(G) Get rid of distractions. There are good distractions such as the urge to check emails and text messages from your loved ones every hour to have an extended lunch with friends, colleagues, or clients. There are bad distractions such as procrastinating, having the urge to do everything yourself, micro-managing tasks, and finally Ayo Jeremiah’s personal favorite; Mistaking busyness for productivity.

Ayo Jeremiah also advises to surround yourself with VIP acquaintances and clients which are:

Very Important, Impressive, Interesting, Intellectual, Innovative People.

And finally to get rid of the VDPs which are:

Very Deceptive, Distracting, Delusional, Draining, Detrimental People.

(N) Never do it all by yourself. Just because there are various apps to design a website doesn’t mean you are necessarily skilled to design your own website. Most don’t have the time, resources or knowledge necessary to really create a product that yields exponential results. The issue is most don’t see or place value in having a quality brand or effective marketing solution. The same way it’s advisable to visit a dentist to perform a root canal procedure rather than doing it yourself, is also the same mindset most should have when it comes to building personal and business success.

(I) Invite the right people. The greatest companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and historical figures all had a prolific and constructive team. Just as Batman had Robin, so it is with personal and business success. The right people will push you to your desired outcome and the wrong people will be detrimental to your success and life as a whole. This is one of the reasons Ayo Jeremiah created Leoserv Inc. as a business branding and creative marketing agency. The creative team at Leoserv aims to ensure that your business vision is in the right hands without you having to do everything by yourself or engaging the wrong people.

(T) Track your progress. Many fail to accomplish their goals on time not because they lack skills and knowledge but because they lose sight of what they want to achieve. Without regular tracking of what and how we are doing work, we are not able to know whether the actions we are taking are working enough to move us closer to success. Ayo Jeremiah advises to keep doing what is working and stop or change what is not working because this leads to persistence and consistency.

(E) Enjoy and trust the process. You owe it to yourself to stay rooted in the present because it’s a marathon, not a sprint. While it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize, it’s equally crucial to take a moment and appreciate the opportunity set before you at building a successful outcome. You’ll learn more from your journey to success than from the reward at the end of it all.

Ayo Jeremiah is an entrepreneur, business strategist, success coach, and philanthropist based in Houston, TX USA whose social and business networks extend to many countries all over the world. He is the CEO and founder of Leoserv Inc., formerly Fortune Spark Inc. (A Business Branding, Web Marketing & IT Development Company).

Contact Ayo Jeremiah via and the Leoserv team at

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