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Feminine Abundance Mentor Tanja Notschaele Hosting Free Online Coaching Days to Overcome Self-Sabotage

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Feminine Abundance Mentor Tanja Notschaele Hosting Free Online Coaching Days to Overcome Self-Sabotage

November 22
16:33 2022
Women worldwide can participate in free 3-day online coaching experiences with feminine abundance mentor Tanja Notschaele with Growthset — Scorpionmind. The course helps participants overcome self-sabotage to work toward self-development instead, empowering their female energy to live positive, fulfilling lives.

Empathetic women looking to overcome the things keeping them stuck can learn to protect their feminine energy and work on themselves with Tanja Notschaele’s free 3-day Growthset — Scorpionmind online coaching experience

“Join us for powerful, life-changing, and creative conversations about self-expression and the problems you need to overcome in life right now,” Tanja said. “The live coaching days are November 23-25, 2022, at 6 p.m. CET through Lives within my Facebook group.”

During the free live coaching days, the Scorpionmind group will discuss two common causes of self-sabotage: the lack of personal self-trust and masculine overcompensation. She guides participants through a review of their past experiences to identify their personal root causes so they can let go of limiting beliefs and walk a path of fulfillment, purpose, and growth. 

“Do you struggle with setting boundaries and being authentic in your life and work?” Tanja asked. “Do you feel stuck but unsure why or how to move forward even though you are doing all the right things? Are you a woman who feels like she is at a standstill in life or wavering between decisions and can’t quite figure out why?”

A freeing, feminine experience

The Scorpionmind free live coaching days allow Tanja to bring participants clarity about how they are sabotaging their feminine side, personal success, money, and relationships. She teaches how perfectionism, fear of failure, and low self-esteem also play into the tendency to self-sabotage. 

“Learn how to balance and protect your feminine energy and sensuality,” Tanja said. “Balancing your energy is the key to your well-being. Gain massive understanding on how you lose energy, making you feel drained and exhausted — and how you can cut out these energy vampires as an empathetic woman.”

Tanja also teaches clients to build their masculine foundation so they can fully trust in their feminine essence. Her coaching sessions explore how women hold themselves back from making money, enjoying their sensual selves, stepping into success, and exploring their abundantly loving, emotional, and creative sides.  

“Why you’re not reaching what you want, and what to do instead!”

Feminine abundance mentor Tanja Notschaele speaks about the processes of self-sabotage and self-protection — and why it can feel like good things are taken away as soon as they occur. Join her for free live online coaching days at Scorpionmind. 

Tanja created the free coaching experience after realizing that an overwhelming majority of women struggle with self-sabotage. Women participating in the experience make a clear commitment to take action and present for the three days, working through all the exercises and interacting with the other women. 


To learn more about Tanja Notschaele and the Growthset — Scorpionmind free 3-day live coaching experience, visit her website or connect on social media at Facebook or Instagram

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