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Innovaccer hosts CodeDay, a free 24-hour coding event for high school students for the first time in Delhi

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Innovaccer hosts CodeDay, a free 24-hour coding event for high school students for the first time in Delhi

November 22
02:45 2022

On November 19-20, over 110 school students attended CodeDay hosted at Innovaccer, Noida, as part of the international series of programming events targeted at high school students. Several recent efforts have aimed to increase the availability of computer classes in Indian schools, including the National Education Policy 2020, but most students still have little interest in learning. With their marquee events, CodeDay is working in the direction of spreading awareness and developing a culture of computer programming.

To create more ways to make learning fun and interesting, CodeDay came up with their international programming series taking part in various. Students who attend the event aren’t typically interested in computer science. The program also focuses towards other creative departments such as art or music and uses these to generate interests that can be applied to fields such as graphic design or making music for a video game.

CodeDay is an international event where student programmers, artists, musicians, and actors, among others, get together to build apps and games over a period of 24 hours. In previous editions of this event, the participants have moved on to establish their startups with applications that have had hundreds of downloads on app stores, while a number of them are now working as full-time engineers for many leading companies.

CodeDay’s mission has been to inspire young people to explore a future in tech across the globe.

“There was so little interest in a lot of schools that some were placing random students in coding classes to fill up seats,” said Deven Jadhav, Program Manager of CodeDay India. “A lot of students are interested in drawing, painting, music, sports and video games. At CodeDay, we combine students’ existing interests with Computer Science and teach them to code!”

Sachin Saxena, Vice President – Marketing & Founding Team Member, Innovaccer, said: “Everyone at Innovaccer is passionate about innovation and looking for ways to accelerate it, something that is inscribed in our name itself. We completely support ideologies that inspire and motivate the next generation to take up a future in technology with their groundbreaking ideas to accelerate innovation.”

“Talent cuts through age groups, geographies, and fields of study, and while it’s never too late to hear your calling, it’s never too early either. Our partnership with CodeDay was an effort to recognize the up-and-coming generation of tech and coding enthusiasts. Innovaccer has always championed the cause of building disruptive solutions to real-world problems, and we believe the success of such events is an indicator of the terrific things that lie in the future,” Mohammad Saqib, Head of Talent Acquisition at Innovaccer echoed the same sentiment.

“Opening up the doors for coding to students of varied backgrounds opens the door for innovation. The new generation is always up with some futuristic ideas that solve a number of potential problems, and we want to support them in whatever way possible” continued Rahul Gaur, Director of Engineering, Innovaccer.

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Mentors and brief workshops around web development and game dev were provided to the participants to help them enhance their knowledge and skills. With such beginner-friendly workshops, the event welcomes students who have no prior knowledge of programming.

Internationally, CodeDay has hosted over 600 events, with a participation of around 70,000+ students from 50 different regions.

“Companies like Innovaccer play a huge role in making these events free and accessible for large audiences. We would like to thank them for their support.” Said Krishna Bansal, Organiser of CodeDay Delhi.

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