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TruCreator, the World’s First Licensed Creator Trading Card Company, Offers Cards with Users’ Favorite Creators, Athletes, and Influencers

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TruCreator, the World’s First Licensed Creator Trading Card Company, Offers Cards with Users’ Favorite Creators, Athletes, and Influencers

November 18
22:51 2022
Influencers, athletes, and creators can collaborate with TruCreator, the planet’s first licensed creator trading card company, to design licensed trading cards for their fans. Creator collections feature standard trading cards alongside rarer autographed, relic, and unique cards.

Trading cards have been a popular way for people to get involved in their fandoms and show support for their favorites. In the past, trading cards were generally limited to sports and games like Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering. TruCreator offers a new way for creators to engage their audiences, with one guaranteed hit card in each pack. 

“TruCreator was founded by creators for creators, alongside the passionate fans that fuel them,” representatives said. 

TruCreator offers exclusive licensed trading cards for creators with more than 60 million followers on YouTube and social media. YouTube creators Kristopher London (Kris Obaseki), Jesser (Jesse Riedel), and Jiedel (James Riedel) founded TruCreator to celebrate accomplished creators and offer another avenue for Youtubers and athletes to interact with their fans. Creator-curated collections include special 1/1 unique cards, holographic prints, autographed cards, patch autographs, cracked ice autographs, rare SP inserts, dual autographs, jumbo patches, and more. Larger box packs also have the chance for relic cards, including a piece of an item owned by the creator.

Creator Series 1

The Creator Series 1 Collection features: DDG, Kris London, MMG, Troydan, YoBoyPIZZA, Cash, Jesser, Duke Dennis, Tyceno, AnnoyingTV, Jiedel, ZackTTG, ImDavisss, Marcelas Howard, TDBarrett, QJB, YourRage, AJ Lapray, Adin Ross, Moochie, Stephania Ergemlidze, JoeKnows, ColeTheMan, Jeffrey Bui, Qias Omar, Scooter Magruder, and Kenny Chao. 

Creator Series 2

The Creator Series 2 by TruCreator features: Faze Rug, The Professor, Flight, Mike Tyson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Faze Adapt, Faze Apex, Cash, Deestroying, Jesser, Tristan Jass, Kristopher London, Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, MMG, Troydan, Qias Omar, Bdotadot5, Duke Dennis, Josh Horton, Kai Cenat, Agent 00, Marcelas Howard, ZackTTG, 2HYPE, ImDavisss, YoBoyPIZZA, Tyceno,  FanumTV, Simplistic, Jenna Bandy, Packman, Jiedel, Scooter Magruder, AnnoyingTV, JoeKnows, Stephania Ergemlidze, Moochie, AJ Lapray, Gio Wise, Eli Mack, Kenny Chao, HenrytheBlasian, White Iverson, Jeffrey Bui, Chrisnxtdoor and more!

Faze Rug — Jumbo Relic Bundle

TruCreator’s top creator, Faze Rug, partnered with the company to produce the jumbo relic bungle. Each package includes one Series 2 Jumbo Box (24 packs, with an average of four hits, including two guaranteed autographs and two additional autograph or relic cards), one Series 1 Blaster Box (six packs of six cards with a chance to pull an autograph or relic card), and one Faze Rug Series 2 jumbo relic card featuring a confirmed piece of Faze Rug’s own rug.  

The trading card company for celebrities, creators, and athletes

Faze Rug, one of TruCreator’s most prominent creators, promotes his collaboration on the Faze Rug Jumbo Relic Bundle while playing hide and seek at IKEA. In addition to a piece of his rug, the limited edition bundles include autographed cards and numbered Rug Rat holographic cards. 


To learn more about TruCreator, visit the website or connect on social media at Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (trucreatorcards), and Twitter (TruCreator).

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