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Chaarmi Worlds Inc. Launches Free Metaverse Creation System for the Masses

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Chaarmi Worlds Inc. Launches Free Metaverse Creation System for the Masses

November 16
22:39 2022
Chaarmi Worlds Inc. Launches Free Metaverse Creation System for the Masses
Chaarmi worlds inc. is working towards the future of the metaverse with their flagship metaverse creation system called Chaarmi Worlds.

Chaarmi Worlds Inc. announced today that it has launched a free edition of its metaverse creation system that works via web browser on PC, Mac and even in Oculus Quest 2 in VR. Normally only available at $99 USD per month, this free edition allows the masses to enter into the metaverse in a fast and easy way featuring a web-based no-code solution similar to what “WordPress” has done for website development. Chaarmi Worlds is here to disrupt the entire metaverse industry and brings an opportunity for everyone to get into the metaverse with little programming knowledge or skills.

Chaarmi Worlds can be installed on a users web server on a metaverse subdomain and over time as more galaxies are added, the size of the overall metaverse or 3D internet, will grow. From here users can use the web-based portal to create and edit various plots of virtual land to create any experience they can imagine. Chaarmi Worlds features high quality graphics, interoperability and even a full multi-user experience in a fast and easy to use system that allows even those who are limited in their technical knowledge an opportunity to create exciting experiences in the metaverse.

“It’s literally your own little metaverse experience or galaxy that allows you to build for your communities and customers,” said Nav Gupta who is also known as Mr. Metaverse, the Founder and CEO of Chaarmi Worlds Inc. “I know what it’s like to create these experiences, they are not easy to make and cost a lot of money and time. With Chaarmi Worlds you can choose from over 1,000 objects and have something up and running in a few hours or less with full multi-player and VR experiences all without knowing how to code. Compared to current solutions which cost 5-7 figures in price and weeks if not months of time, Chaarmi Worlds is the solution the world has been waiting for.”

Details on how users can get Chaarmi Worlds for their own use and professional development can be found on the Chaarmi website at Additionally, users can purchase a paid edition of Chaarmi via a monthly fee which unlocks unlimited plots and even more features and functionality.


Chaarmi Worlds Inc. is a Canadian company that has created a video game called Chaarmi Worlds, a metaverse creation system that works via the internet browser on PC, Mac and Oculus Quest 2 in VR. Established in April of 2022, Chaarmi Worlds Inc. is creating the future of the metaverse.

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