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Capucia Publishing Releases A Touch of Light

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Capucia Publishing Releases A Touch of Light

November 15
22:03 2022
Capucia Publishing Releases A Touch of Light

Ann Naimark, author of A Touch of Light – Opening to the Light That is You and All Creation
Author Ann Naimark Shares Her Journey to Joy

November 15, 2022 – Capucia Publishing is pleased to announce the release of author Ann Naimark’s debut book,  A Touch of Light – Opening to the Light That is You and All Creation.

Ann Naimark seemed to have it all –  a college education, a house in the suburbs, and a loving family. But internally, Ann was struggling with emotional pain, loneliness, not fitting in with the crowd, and not feeling like she ever quite measured up. Ann’s perfect life was a perfectly arranged facade while behind the scenes, she moved through life unfulfilled and unhappy. 

And then everything changed. Ann became determined to find more peace, more love, more security, and more joy. She embarked on a spiritual and emotional journey that completely changed the trajectory of her life. Ann now shares her story in A Touch of Light with the hope of inspiring others to make the journey to discover their true selves full of love, joy, and the spark of Creation. 

Throughout A Touch of Light, readers will discover how to release negative mental and emotional patterns; live in day-to-day awareness of Source; learn to trust their instincts; experience life as a grand adventure; discern when Source is leading them closer to their dreams; and how to achieve balance in all areas of their life. 

“Ultimately the inspiration for my book came from Source, the Light of All Things,” explains author Ann Naimark on what inspired her. “On the level of my earthly life, my father was my first inspiration for this book. Many years ago, he said, “Why don’t you write the story of your life?”. At that time, I couldn’t imagine why I would do that! But a few years ago, that very idea came to me and persisted. Then one day, I was talking to my friend Ron and we discovered that we both wanted to write the story of our lives. So we decided to begin and support each other. And voila! Here it is!”

She continues, “I sincerely hope that readers will be inspired to pursue and stick to their own spiritual path. We are all unique and different things appeal to each of us. In my experience of pursuing varying spiritual disciplines, what stands out is the common core element of Love (compassion) in all. I would love to see people loving themselves more fully and then, by extension, loving humanity and the earth.”

“I also hope that writings from the book will touch people in their hearts,” Naimark concludes. “That they will see how an ordinary life, with ups and downs, can inform their spiritual growth if they let go of trying to figure everything out!”

A Touch of Light – Opening to the Light That is You and All Creation is the first book by author Ann Naimark in conjunction with Capucia Publishing and is available at

Ann Naimark is a psychotherapist with over thirty-two years of experience. She has explored multiple spiritual disciplines and through her work leading classes and meditations, she has helped numerous people balance their minds, body, emotions, and spirit. Ann is the author of the book A Touch of Light.

Since 2004, Capucia Publishing has helped more than 500 writers become published authors, offering the transformational author community everything they need to “birth” their book, from professional editing and custom design to publishing in print and digital forms to distribution worldwide on a global network of sales sites. Discover more at

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