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RipTides Tights took it to the streets of London, offering pedestrians 100 British Pounds if they could rip their unbreakable tights

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RipTides Tights took it to the streets of London, offering pedestrians 100 British Pounds if they could rip their unbreakable tights

November 15
17:03 2022

Greek based tights company RipTides Tights wanted to prove the strength of their tights by getting the general public to try out their durability for themselves. Despite the allure of free cash, none of the participants managed to rip them.

This video documents their crazy marketing stunt where passers-by were shocked at how impossibly strong their tights are:

RipTides Tights have gone to great lengths creating a pair of unbreakable tights, and even greater lengths in promoting them without the use of paid marketing.

“It was imperative that we could deliver a premium product at a low price. We quickly realised that this was impossible with paid marketing. Relying on organic reach on TikTok and Instagram has meant that we have been able to cut the cost of our tights by 40%,” said one of the co-founders, Eva Palm.

“Everyone deserves good quality tights, but we have high production costs and very low profit margins. We certainly did not want to transfer the cost of marketing to our customers on top of the production costs. This means that our customer pays for their product and not anything else,” Palm said.

Marketing costs is one of the main components of product pricing and this cost is almost always transferred to the customer, so it is no surprise that RipTides Tights have managed to dramatically save their consumers’ money by cutting out marketing costs entirely.

With their unorthodox marketing strategies RipTides have quickly gained a cult following on social media where their customers rave about them, and others watch on in disbelief. 

Because they cost more than drugstore brands, they will not be the cheapest option in the closet, but they will last longer and save money in the long term. The tights come with a 100-day warranty; they are that strong. RipTides Tights are beloved by mums, working professionals and or women who enjoy the option of wearing tights without the waste that they are normally accompanied by.

Studies have found that the average UK woman spends 3,000 British Pounds on tights in her lifetime. As everyone is feeling the pinch these days, it is worth looking into investing in higher quality items that can last for a lifetime.

With high-quality materials and impressive durability, these tights are definitely worth the hype.

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