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Shopzyte Officially Releases eCom Launch Engine (eLE)

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Shopzyte Officially Releases eCom Launch Engine (eLE)

November 15
16:33 2022
Shopzyte Corporation (Shopzyte) is a 100% American-based startup company introducing the most comprehensive software-as-a-service e-commerce platform for all types of business sellers for their products and brands.

The e-commerce (eCom) space has existed for nearly half a century, yet it began to take shape earnestly and as fully-formed online only very recently. As advanced technologies and brilliant minds came together, launching and efficiently managing an online store became easier but still very costly, time-consuming and still overly-complicated. With the advent of blockchain and other de-centralized technologies, many new brands emerged, offering innovative solutions and services. 

Enter eCom Launch Engine (eLE), which is a comprehensive e-commerce seller-centered launcher developed by the Shopzyte team. It’s LIVE and in production.

It’s a software-as-a-service platform designed to help sellers easily get started (super easy 30 seconds signup and launch), get verified with kyc, set up their products, and operate their eCom stores fully on auto-pilot with their own web admin portal and mobile apps. The team has completed all design, coding, features-integrations, infrastructure ops setup, kyc, privacy, compliance, data hub, services, custom apps, custom automations and security-related tasks. This empowers their clients worldwide to focus on much more important tasks like actually running their oveall businesses to acquire more customers for their products and brands. 

Shopzyte has built its eLE SaaS platform for over the last three years. It currently encompasses a comprehensive range of powerful features meant to streamline and empower products and brands setup, point-of-sale, wholesale, client migration, shipping, GDPR/CCPA/DSAR, Stripe, PayPal and offline payments, multilingual, blockchain, easy seller payouts, and much more. Additionally, the platform’s creators imparted that they will continue improving the eLE, introduce additional advanced features, actively take inputs from their users community and refine existing ones over time (published in their live roadmap). 

Shopzyte’s spokesperson imparted that the eCom Launch Engine (eLE) was built with transparency and seller peace-of-mind, stating the following:

“…135+ currencies showing local payment methods to your customers to increase your eCom store’s sales. Payments are fully integrated for sales and payouts. With our PCI, DSS & SCP compliant financial and security partners, we help you and all our sellers using our platform beat fraud, send invoices, reduce friction at checkout, manage business activities, and much more. We follow strict IT GRC compliance & have policies covering all critical scenarios.” 

What sets Shopzyte apart from its peers is its desire to give back to the communities in need and efforts its team is putting into preserving the planet. Shopzyte’s Climate Mitigation commitment is a mission to help mitigate “the very real danger of climate catastrophe.” The company is contributing 1.5% of its total e-commerce SaaS revenue to relevant charities and is actively addressing this issue. In addition, they have committed to an additional 10% from their net profits for other worthy causes.

The eLE SaaS is now available in multiple easy subscription pricing plans, including Starter, Gold, Platinum. These are monthly or yearly, and also a fully done-for-you (DFY) service. To ensure everyone can discover what the platform has to offer, Shopzyte offers a try it forever offer, which is free to use forever, covering 3 products, providing all features, and granting complimentary how-to videos to speed up the setup process. 

Shopzyte recently also introduced “Boost” to its list of services, which comprise an advanced data-integration hub, having four default business apps, automated data workflows, custom app connectors, full CRM & support, API hosting, custom apps, custom automation server, and a range of other custom boosting services. 

The company is currently working on implementing adding crypto to its payment options (bitcoin to start), a de-centralized e-commerce-centered social Mastodon server which is already up, and upgrading its Lina AI assistant to ensure its clients can learn more about what the platform has to offer, and how each feature works, as well as provide help with any inquiries. 

It’s on-going blockchain-based integrations and services are a critical addition as well, which will enable its clients and sellers using its platform to establish a powerful hybrid immutable secure and verified presence, as their e-commerce businesses will have an opportunity to leverage the latest web3 and web 3.0 technologies to climb the ladder of success.

More information about eCom Launch Engine+ (eLE) is available on Shopzyte’s official website

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