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Herbal Medics Academy Founder Sam Coffman Releases New Book on Herbal Medicine and First Aid

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Herbal Medics Academy Founder Sam Coffman Releases New Book on Herbal Medicine and First Aid

November 15
15:33 2022
Published by Storey Publishing, the “Herbal Medic” book is now available in bookstores and online

Having worked with and taught herbal medicine for over 30 years, former green beret medic and registered clinical herbalist Sam Coffman shares what he has learned from his years of field experience and combines herbal, wilderness and orthodox medicine into one information-packed book.

Titled “Herbal Medic,” his manual serves as a comprehensive home reference on medical emergency preparedness, focusing on first-aid and herbal first aid essentials as well as detailed information on how to prepare and use herbs at home, in the herbal clinic, in the field and at times when higher medical care may be unavailable. Much of what Sam gives his readers in the book is what he and his faculty of 14 instructors are able to provide in-depth instruction in at his herbalism school, Herbal Medics Academy.

Also known as The Human Path, Herbal Medics Academy offers four major certification programs that all focus around herbal, wilderness and integrative medicine: 1) Austere Medicine Program 2) Clinical Herbalism Program 3) Family Medicine Program and 4) Advanced Medicine Making Program.

The Austere Medicine Program focuses on the training of wilderness medicine in remote, austere and under-served environments, while the Clinical Herbalism Program teaches herbal medicine courses designed to give the maximum amount of information, hands-on clinical experience and even clinical scenarios, in the shortest amount of time. According to Sam, both of these programs make use of the “Herbal Medic” book as a major reference. “The ‘Herbal Medic’ book is a textbook for a large part of our austere program, and even some of our clinical herbalism program,” he shares.

On the other hand, the Family Medicine Program is specifically focused toward developing competent herbalists who can take care of family health care issues – to include women’s health, emergency birth, pediatric herbalism and doula certification The fourth program, Advanced Medicine Making Program – also called The Apothecarist Program – deeply explores basic and advanced processes of making botanical products as a profession, at home or as part of a clinic.

In these programs, students are also given the opportunity to apply and practice what they have learned while helping medically underserved communities. “We put our students to the test through our outreach organization ‘Herbal Medics’ which allows us to help medically underserved communities in the U.S. and abroad by offering free herbal clinics, slow-sand water filtration projects, wilderness first aid certification education and more,” says Sam.

For more information about Herbal Medics Academy, visit their website at

About Herbal Medics Academy

Herbal Medics Academy is the branch of The Human Path school that is focused solely on botanical medicine as well as the medicine-related subjects that fulfill requirements for the medic foundational path.

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