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Are There Cheap Moving Companies On A Weekday?

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Are There Cheap Moving Companies On A Weekday?

November 14
21:18 2022

Moving companies are likely to charge more on weekends because more individuals will attempt to book their moves then. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages, not the least of which is how it will affect your work schedule or perhaps the academic progress of your children. In the end, you might have to decide between locking down the best price and the best move date.

You can’t have it all, but we’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of moving at different times of the week in this post. We’ve considered every aspect of the moving company as well as potential disruptions to your personal lives to help you decide when to plan the relocation

Pros and Cons of Weekday Moving


A greater selection of moving companies

Even if you move in the summer, you will have an easier time finding movers during the week than over the weekend. Nevertheless, you should plan your move several weeks in advance. A stress-free move will be all but impossible if you wait until the last minute to make your reservation because you will probably have to settle for the movers who are available, not your first choice.

Extra money for other expenses

Moving costs are high. The cheaper hourly rates that result from your move taking place on a weekday will give you more money to spend on moving materials or other moving-related charges. On the morning of the big day, you could even utilize the extra money to buy breakfast and coffee for the moving team and yourself.

The majority of people are at work

The uncluttered streets, stairwells, and elevators can be a major benefit, especially if you reside in (or are moving into) an apartment building. One benefit is that your moving crew and truck won’t have to fight for parking close to your house. This further reduces the amount of time spent moving because it will probably take your moving staff less time to walk from their vehicle to your home or business.

Simpler utility setup

A weekday relocation can be advantageous for you if you waited until the last minute to set up utilities at your new house and turn them off at your old one. Some utility companies do take calls on the weekends. But you might be out of luck for a few days if you need a technician to be there for whatever reason. Your best chances of speaking with a representative are in the mornings of workdays.

Children (might be) in school

Obviously, if you have kids and aren’t moving over the summer, this solely pertains to you. The less people there are in the house, the better, is a general moving rule of thumb. A longer move caused by more individuals squeezing into stairwells and furniture-filled rooms will increase the cost of your final transfer.


Workplace loss

Moving during the week if you have a regular job may be stressful or at least inconvenient for a variety of reasons. If your move falls on a weekday, you’ll probably have to take time off work or use vacation days. If you work for a salary, the most you might lose is vacation time. If you work for an hourly wage, you will also lose money.

Greater traffic (depending on time)

Your movers can encounter rush hour on their route to you if your relocation starts in the middle of the morning. If they charge for travel time from their point of origin, you might be paying for some additional time, which could be difficult on your budget. By scheduling a start time for late morning or extremely early morning, you can avoid this.

Fewer people to help

This only applies if you intend to solicit the assistance of your friends for the move. Under normal conditions, it would be challenging enough to convince someone of this idea, but if you move during the week, you might be completely out of luck.

Pros And Cons Of A Weekend Moving


Less likely to require a vacation from work

Again, this is relevant to those who follow more traditional work schedules. But the majority of moving clients schedule their relocation for the weekends because of this. It’s usually advantageous to avoid having to set aside vacation time for what is effectively a workday.

lower traffic

Driving a moving truck can be difficult, especially on congested roadways. When a move is planned over the weekend, much of this difficulty is removed. However, if you’re moving into or out of a busy neighborhood with plenty of nearby residents, your relocation can be equally delayed. This proves that there isn’t just one “most convenient moment” to relocate. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Friends are more likely to be available

This will be an important part of your relocation if you’re considering a do-it-yourself move that includes renting a truck. Finding folks you know who can help on the weekends should be simpler, assuming regular work schedules.


higher rates

Weekend moves won’t result in a crazy pricing hike, but professional movers (and other moving options) will probably charge you more. You should be aware that full-service movers raise their rates on weekends to capitalize on the higher demand while determining the ideal day to move.

Insufficient downtime

You will save vacation days by moving over the weekend, but you won’t have much time to unpack or settle in before you have to return to work. It might be best to just make a reservation in the middle of the week and sacrifice some of your accrued vacation time for your own mental wellness. If you do, you’ll have the entire next weekend to unpack and settle in.

Does scheduling for the weekend vs. weekday influence long-distance moving?

Generally, whether you move long distance on a weekday or a weekend has no effect on your moving expenditures. Although long-distance movers may raise their prices in the summer, the day of the week that your relocation starts is generally unimportant.

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