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CRISPR Classroom Opens Up New Possibilities for Bioscience and Biotechnology with Innovative Online Training

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CRISPR Classroom Opens Up New Possibilities for Bioscience and Biotechnology with Innovative Online Training

September 27
10:48 2022

“What if we had the power to rewrite our own biology? Well, we do; you just haven’t learned about it yet!”

For the first time, scientists have the ability to rewrite life itself with relative ease and simplicity using CRISPR. CRISPR genome engineering technology can cure genetic diseases, feed more people, improve space exploration, and even help catch criminals. Simply put, there’s a reason the scientists behind this technology won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020. 

But how does one learn about such innovations? Introducing CRISPR Classroom…

CRISPR Classroom is reimagining STEM education and bringing learners closer to frontier scientific knowledge than ever before. CRISPR Classroom, a new education technology start-up company, is the first of its kind to use engaging storytelling to teach revolutionary innovations and make them digestible to the masses.

CRISPR Classroom is the fastest growing provider of biomedical and biotechnological online courses with a curriculum based on cutting-edge research communicated accessibly. Basically, all the cool science, none of the complicated mumbo jumbo jargon. This is particularly important for students pursuing careers in STEM fields and biotech professionals in sales, marketing, BD, and recruiting roles who require advanced content knowledge to support scientists as customers/clients adequately. Additionally, investors who intend to bet on biotech require a basic understanding of the various technologies being developed in the industry. CRISPR Classroom serves all these learners and more with certified online biomedical and biotechnology training on the latest scientific advances.

While the traditional brick-and-mortar education model has functioned and remains fundamental, CRISPR Classroom is disrupting this to provide learners with advanced content knowledge usually only accessible in the halls of Stanford or Harvard, without the advanced price tag. On average, CRISPR Classroom courses are 97% less expensive than the average in-person college course while still employing the best Ph.D. level instructors from top universities like Stanford, UCSF, USC, University of Maryland, and more. Thanks to the online and on-demand model, which keeps costs low, savings can be passed on to the students.

Thanks to their high-impact content created in collaboration between scientists and veteran educators, CRISPR Classroom’s courses are among the fastest growing online biology courses. CRISPR Classroom’s best-selling educational program – CRISPR Foundations – starts with the basics – what is CRISPR? – and then quickly dives deep to reveal how CRISPR really works to rewrite DNA, how scientists are discovering and engineering new CRISPR versions, how CRISPR is being used to cure genetic disease, and how an idea is ethically turned into a CRISPR drug. Because of its unique approach to science-storytelling, CRISPR Classroom has seen rapid global adoption of its educational programming, reaching learners from over 50 different countries

CRISPR Classroom is supported by the NSF-funded Oak Crest Institute of Science MOST-IP (Monrovia, CA) and the Caruso Incubator powered by the Uncommon Individual Foundation (Philadelphia, PA).

CRISPR scientist and CRISPR Classroom founder Kristina Tatiossian, Ph.D. (Dr. Kris) created CRISPR Classroom to break down barriers like aging curriculums, inaccessible practical knowledge relevant in the real biotech world, insufficient professional training, and more. CRISPR Classroom instead offers high-quality STEM learning of the latest scientific advances and helps build up the workforce needed to bring these innovations to fruition. CRISPR Classroom merges STEM innovation and education to create a well-oiled science education company that brings its users closer to frontier knowledge than ever before.

CRISPR Classroom welcomes partnerships with educators and institutions to bring CRISPR curriculum programs to their students. Learn more about CRISPR Classroom on the website and view offered courses.

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