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KOOK CLUB 4,200 digital kook NFTs collection an access to world’s most functional surfing NFT and many giveaways for community members

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KOOK CLUB 4,200 digital kook NFTs collection an access to world’s most functional surfing NFT and many giveaways for community members

August 01
21:26 2022

Kook Club is a community-driven NFT collection that aims to be the world’s most valued and utilized surfing-related NFT to ever exist on the Ethereum blockchain. All of the Kook Club holders can participate in the Kook community by voting on monthly benefits for real-world application of surf-related giveaways. An epic 4,200-piece collection of digital Kooks will be the gateway to the world’s most functional surfing NFT. 

Monthly rewards for Kook holders include but are not limited to world-class surf trips to top-tier waves in paradise, major surf equipment giveaways from the leading brands, excursions to watch the world’s best surfers compete on the world tour, and much more. The sky is the limit; it’s up to you, the Kook holders, to vote on what you want.

You might shred somewhere, but we’re all Kooks here.

Holder Giveaways

Kook Club knows that NFTs with no functionality are useless. They absolutely refuse to be one of those garbage NFTs. By becoming a Kook Club NFT owner, you will now own the key to the most beneficial surfing-related NFT.

As a team of lifelong surfers, watermen, and world travelers, Kook Club came up with a list of “holy sh*t, I can’t believe I won” types of rewards. The kind of trips they’ve always dreamed about being on and gear they’ve spent a lifetime jonesing for.

Luxury Surf Trip Giveaways

If your Kook is chosen, you must choose either a luxury surf package worth $6,000 USD or $3,000.00 USD worth of Ethereum.  Kook Club will purchase the trip from the travel agency that agreed to work with them, and a $6,000 travel voucher will be credited to the winner. Then they will send the winner $1,000.00 USD worth of crypto to the ETH wallet provided to them when they bought the NFT to be explicitly used for travel costs. It’s up to the winner if they want to convert to fiat currency to pay for the travel or if they keep the crypto and use their own money to pay for travel.

OR: Instead of going on a trip with one of the Kook Club chosen travel companies, the winner can take a one-time payment in ETH equal to USD $3,000.00 deposited to the wallet used to purchase your Kook NFT. Take the trip or get ½ the trip value in cryptocurrency. For Kook, this project is about surfing and exploration, but they realize there is a chance some of their holders think differently. 

High-Performance Surf Gear Giveaways

Kook Club set aside a significant sum of money each month for the 4 luxury surf trips. It’s $7,000 per trip, multiplied by 4 trips for the month,  which equals $28,000 per month. This is their *general* monthly budget.

In terms of traveling across the world to surf, this is not an insane amount of money. In terms of high-performance equipment, it’s a ton of money. In essence, 4 people per month can travel. 

BUT, if the holders vote to use the money for equipment instead, we could offer something like

28 separate, $1,000 vouchers, for 28 holders. 

So instead of 4 holders winning, it’s 28 now. 

Or we could do something like 56 separate $500 vouchers. 

Do the math, 56 X $500 = $28,000. Are you catching on? 

Kooks can break it down in any style. All of the equipment vouchers will be used through online retail, starting with REAL Watersports in The Outer Banks, North Carolina. They have a massive inventory and ship worldwide for all our holders.

Surf Contests

Kook Club is going to reach out on a limb here and say their holders are fans of the sport of surfing. What do fans of surfing want to do? Watch the world’s best surfers compete for a world title. They are going to send lucky holders (via giveaway) around the world to watch the best surfers in the world shred the best breaks.

Future Plans

Kook Club’s # 1 goal with this ambitious project is to provide the world and their holders with the most functional, surfing-related NFT. To do so, they must keep expanding their reach and connections within the industry. They want to be the outright leader in this space. Kook Club will apply different approaches and techniques to become the best project we can be and raise the core value of our project and the floor price. They plan on being a powerful and robust community. Every Kook holder will be just as important as the next, regardless of the holder’s NFT rarity. Kook Club will work as one unit, and every holder’s opinion and recommendation matters to them. They aim to better our community day in and day out. They are all ears.

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