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Medical Progress is about to leap forward thanks to EU startup Data Lake

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Medical Progress is about to leap forward thanks to EU startup Data Lake

August 01
20:54 2022
Similar to donating blood, soon you’ll be able to donate your medical data to science.

Access to data is more than just important to scientific research and discovery – it’s now the basis for progress in the modern era, particularly in medicine and healthcare. Despite this, there is no data access solution worldwide that gives terminally-ill patients hope for new therapies by using the already-collected medical data of other patients. Previous approaches have lacked a consent-based system and sufficient protections for donor privacy, or have faced insurmountable regulatory obstacles.

A new EU-funded startup founded by a group of medical doctors is working quickly to solve these major issues, and through their efforts donating your medical data to science may soon be possible. Data Lake is creating a global medical data donation system based on the latest available technologies, including blockchain. Their system empowers people to give or revoke consent to the usage of their medical data in a safe, easy and private way, while providing large data sets that revolutionize scientific research and medical studies. Additionally it allows donors to see all operations related to the data that they have donated.

Data Lake is the first company seeking to fulfill the EU’s recent call for altruistic data companies to jump-start medical innovation by ethically-leveraging data. New legislation decisions made in the GDPR and DGA frameworks make this innovative medical donation program now possible, and technological advances such as public blockchains have removed the need for trust from the system. The Data Lake system not only puts data ownership and agency back in the hands of the people, but it also opens up participation in the data economy for them by sharing the rewards of data transactions.

The team behind Data Lake includes medical doctors and thought-leaders in the MedTech, AI, and Blockchain worlds. The startup was founded in Poland by a team of doctors who saw the desperate need for high-quality, unbiased medical data for researchers to find cures for diseases and power ethical AI algorithms for research.

The need for medical data to power these advances is enormous – for many patients it could mean the difference between life and death, and bring them hope that their disease or illness could be cured within their lifetimes.

“Good medicine is evidence-based medicine, grounded in facts and data without bias. The potential for AI to find new cures and treatments for diseases is near limitless, but first it needs unbiased and representative datasets. Working closely with patient advocacy groups, healthcare providers and the European Union, Data Lake will be the first in the world to create an ethical, consent-based medical data donation program.” Ligia Kornowska, MD – Co-Founder and Board Chair of Data Lake

Data Lake has received EU funding for their idea, and has attracted top advisors and a growing number of investors from the medtech community who see the potential of the Data Lake system to revolutionize medical research. Their medical data donation platform will be launching soon, with the first declaration of consent to be given in the coming weeks.

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