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eZverifi, Shows How a Smart Device Can Save a Person’s Life Using the Device’s Digital Fingerprint

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eZverifi, Shows How a Smart Device Can Save a Person’s Life Using the Device’s Digital Fingerprint

June 24
16:52 2022
Suffolk, a VA-based technology company, launches eZverifi, a device verification tool that gives individuals access to an exclusive device ID database.

It has become imperative for people to take their online safety seriously, and eZverifi has gone a step further to make public safety a top priority. Described as an “Online Police Force,” eZverifi was inspired by the many news stories about online scams and innocent people being exploited and killed. These incidents led to the development of this proactive, innovative, and non-intrusive way of keeping people safer online and at in-person meetups by validating anyone’s device ownership, leaving all parties safe and protected. 

“The information we use is not new or proprietary. It’s just not accessible to the general public until now.  The team at eZverifi., led by Dennis Woodbury, has continued to connect strangers via its device verification tool, eZverifi. Created in line with the tagline, “Your Device Can Save Your Life!” eZverifi enables users to leverage the unique identifier code of each device to confirm ownership of that device.

“We found internet account service providers assigned unique ID codes to each device. In seconds, with access to this database, your device can be a protective tool.” Consumers can now use eZverifi’s services to instantly leverage over six billion device ID records vetted via the global resources of the TransUnion Company®. You have no exposure. You can proactively help eliminate risk when online or in-person engagements. As a registered member, you can help eZverifi become the world’s largest Public Safety network.”

Trust, privacy, and security have been the internet’s most significant challenges, especially with the connectivity of multiple devices, including phones, tablets, watches, desktops, and others. Statistics reveal billions of resources are stolen annually from the global economy. For instance, second-hand marketplaces have revenues soaring over 65 billion dollars annually. And there are millions of consumers, small businesses, and enterprise corporations that use peer-to-peer platforms every day. On these platforms, buyers and sellers open the risk of scams, fraud, identity theft, robberies, and even fatalities. However, eZverifi seeks to change the narrative using an array of existing technological systems.

eZverifi is a supplement to local Police ‘Safe Zone’ efforts. When items are too large to transport to a police site, the seller is often required to invite strangers into their home. Scammers and criminals often use a burner and non-traceable fraudulent accounts that are not traceable, which is where eZverifi can be helpful by flagging such devices. Therefore, honest buyers and sellers can verify the stranger’s identity before they meet online and in-person, helping minimize the risk involved significantly.

We recognize honest people working together is an excellent deterrent to the massive online frauds. In seconds, our user-friendly verification tool only requires the email address or mobile phone numbers of anyone you would like to validate. Join for a one-time $9.99 registration fee. No Contracts. No Subscription. Forever you can choose when to eZverifi anyone you’re dealing with for less than $2.49 per inquiry.

For information about eZverifi and using the tool to keep communities safer, visit

About eZverifi 

eZverifi Founder Dennis Woodbury says, “Your device can save your life! In 2019, he assembled a team of developers and online security professionals to design this Public Safety platform. eZverifi strives to make online and in-person meetups safer and affordable.

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