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Anne Reid Is Meritoriously Named Preferred Professional’s Executive Life Coach for 2022

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Anne Reid Is Meritoriously Named Preferred Professional’s Executive Life Coach for 2022

May 18
22:06 2022

For her unwavering dedication to educating and guiding others in achieving their greatest potential, Anne Reid has been named a Preferred Professional representing executive life coaching for 2022.

According to Anne, our brain is our greatest asset and our greatest liability. 

“We can spend our life avoiding fear and discomfort or we can push through, be uncomfortable, embrace failure, and create the life we want,” says the award-winning coach. We can also learn to be happier – even when we can’t change the negative circumstances around us.

Anne Reid is here to help you achieve higher levels of success, improve mental and physical health, and have deeper connections with others.  This can all be done by maximizing your Superpowerhappiness!  Anne will help you activate your motivation, manage your primitive brain, and learn skills to maximize this superpower.

Coaching helps people access the higher functioning parts of their brain and to recognize when they are reverting to the primitive parts of the brain (which will do anything to avoid discomfort or expend energy).  Anne helps her clients assess their choices, recognize their self-defeating patterns, and train their higher-level brain to work for them.

“It’s about helping people move from surviving to thriving,” says Anne. “You have one life to live so make it joyful! My goal is to help you dare to dream big, commit to take action, and keep moving towards your goal(s) even when every cell in your body is screaming ‘I can’t!’”

Anne says her ideal coaching client is a person who is ready to deal with the pain or dissatisfaction in their life. Generally, these clients have tried on their own and repeatedly failed to get what they say they want. To change this pattern, they need someone to support, teach, and motivate them.

Anne focuses on her clients’ top priorities and helps create effective strategies to get them there. “I’m an accountability partner: I ask hard questions; I call people on their nonsense; and I teach them skills,” says Anne. “My first coach told me, ‘You will find that the people you trust are the ones who tell you what you don’t want to hear.’ I believe if people aren’t honest with you or think you’re not being honest with yourself and don’t call you on it, it’s really a disservice. This can be done kindly or sternly depending on what style the person can hear. As a coach, I very much try to say things in a way that my client can absorb them.”  

Anne says she’s most proud when her clients experience their Aha! moment. Their pain point is diminished, and they are living a happier life.

“People become more of who they want to be and can be, but may not have believed they could be,” says Anne. “I get to watch them take their first step towards freedom.” 

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