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October 25
18:08 2021

So now the time has come! It’s been quite a stressful time for the New World team since the open beta, and the current launch seems like a good opportunity to talk about the future of New World. New World is up and running and players are quickly becoming familiar with its features. Most importantly, that means figuring out which armor sets are best in New World, which areas are death traps, and how not to get ripped off.

The launch of New World is a unique moment for, an eSports recruitment and management platform for amateur and semi-pro teams. You can find teammates or company (guild) for the new New World MMORPG from Amazon.

More parameters have been implemented especially for this game, so you can now filter by New World server and player role when searching. Because New World now offers at least 54 servers for German-speaking players. The goal of the network of today, is to provide the most accurate matchmaking possible, with player and team characteristics, system, rankings, skills, hashtags and team presentations.

Here you will find a list of New World companies [guilds] created by players. If you are a company governor, you can also add your guild. If you are a player, use their real-time filters to find the company you want to join.

The wars in New World are crucial for the MMO game of territorial control. The PvE level is the bare minimum of what you’d expect – a box checked off – but PvP feels much better integrated, with an engaging player-led conflict raging across the world. Each of the game’s three factions and their respective companies seek to paint Aeternum their color, using emerging open-world battles and structured wars to claim territory and reap the benefits that come with it.

There are PvP missions, fortresses to fight over, and players to take out, and all of this contributes to a counter that eventually allows companies to declare war on each other. It’s not like two guilds fighting, because everyone in the factions to which the companies belong will have good reasons for wanting to win the siege. The companies get direct control over territory and set things like the tax rate, but there are also faction-wide bonuses that entice other players to join the conflict. And then there’s the big picture, which is why enemies may work together to eliminate the larger threat.

The rivalries between factions in New World are a high point, so getting into a war that is the culmination of those rivalries is naturally an exciting prospect. I’ve been looking forward to this since launch. And with each passing day, the disappointment grows.

On the website you can also find teams or players to games like Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Fifa19 or Battlefield in‘s offer.

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