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California Industrial Rubber Repairs Conveyor Belts

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California Industrial Rubber Repairs Conveyor Belts

June 19
04:45 2021
California Industrial Rubber Repairs Conveyor Belts

Repairing Conveyor Systems

Like any other mechanical or industrial equipment, it is important to maintain conveyor belt systems and pay attention to the warning signs. There are many signs that the system is in trouble, and by hiring a professional to check it out and perform any necessary repairs, the systems can be saved from numerous potential problems.

How to Know If Belt Repairs Are Needed

If production times are down or the belts just are not moving as efficiently as they should or once were. Each and every issue that might arise with a conveyor belt can be solved by scheduling services today at and allowing the professionals to handle any issues. Sometimes issues can be as simple as cracking and scarring, age, discoloration, loud sounds, and negative effects from chemicals. Sometimes problems can be more advanced. 

Mistracking is a common problem with conveyor belts and refers to the belt slipping entirely off the track, causing the entire system to malfunction and shut down. It is critical to ensure smooth functioning and output of the system.

Belt slipping is also a serious problem because the balance and tension of the belt play roles in the operation and traction. Loads that are too heavy, low temperatures, poorly installed lagging, and pulley problems can all cause belt slippage.

Seized rollers are when the rollers of the conveyor stop moving, potentially causing dangerous sharp edges along the belt. This results in a safety hazard for all employees, and it could damage goods and materials beyond repair, reducing the overall profit and maybe causing a shut-down.

Another obvious sign that the conveyor belt needs repairing include blockages. If the conveyor belt is blocked, it is clearly not doing its job, and the operation will not be producing at its normal rate. No one wants their production times to slow down, because in turn, this causes a loss in profit, efficiency, and sometimes customers. 

Lastly, material spillage is another sign that belt repairs might be necessary. Material spillage is when things slide or spill off the belt. This is often caused by buildup of residue and other debris or blockages. By solving this problem, the corporation can save a lot of wasted materials.

Who Can Perform Conveyor Belt Repair?

If the corporation is experiencing any of these problems or the conveyor system is in need of regular conveyor system maintenance or repair, visit today. There are many different methods that can be used to repair the conveyor system including vulcanization, metal fastening, and cold curing. Not only does CIR have the largest service crew on the West coast, no job is too large for them. CIR offers 24-7 belt service and repair, ensuring that when the system stops working they will be there to minimize the overall operation’s downtime so that everything will be back up and running in no time. 

Why Should I Choose CIR?

California Industrial Rubber Co. is made up of highly trained and skilled individuals equipped with years of experience in belt splicing and completing on-site projects. With CIR, you can trust that the industrial equipment and conveyor system is in good hands. CIR will be there anywhere, anyplace, any time, day or night! Not only will you receive exceptional services, you will also be assisted by a team of helpful customer service agents throughout the entire process. 

About Us

California Industrial Rubber Company is a distributor of industrial rubber and plastic products, serving California and Nevada since 1958. Their continuous growth over the last 60 years comes from not only providing outstanding service to customers, but also from always providing and developing new and better products to fit every customer’s needs.

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