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SAI Participated in the Bitcoin2021 conference, Clean Computing Power Promotes a Green New Economy

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SAI Participated in the Bitcoin2021 conference, Clean Computing Power Promotes a Green New Economy

June 14
19:18 2021

Beijing, China – On June 4th, the first day of the Bitcoin 2021 conference, Jack Dorsey, Michael Saylor and other big names gathered in Miami to share their views on the application of Bitcoin and the computing power industry and the future development. 

SAI’s North America market advisor Larry Li was invited to attend and delivered a speech in the morning. He said, “Through clean energy to empower the computing power track, use computing power to improve social efficiency, and use technology to achieve a green circular economy are the new ecology of the future integration of energy technology and finance. This new ecological model is sustainable, available and innovative, which is the origin of the name of SAI.”

The following is the speech delivered by Larry Li:

Use clean energy to empower the entire computing track

Hello everyone, I’m Larry,the Northern America advisor of SAI. SAI was established in 2019 and is positioned as a clean energy & computing operator who uses clean energy to empower high-performance chips.

First of all, I would like to thank the organizer for the invitation and let me have this opportunity to share my views on the impact of clean energy on the field of Bitcoin mining. Looking at the entire bitcoin industry track, it can be divided into two tracks, one is the trading track, and the other is the mining track. On the trading track, there is a relatively high degree of attention to exchanges, and the key word is compliance. The successful IPO of Coinbase as a compliant exchange is of extraordinary significance to our industry. On the mining track, the key word nowadays is clean energy. Clean computing power provided by clean energy is in line with the direction of social ESG development and greatly improves economic benefits. Many companies have already taken action, such as ArgoBlockchain and Square.

First of all, I would like to introduce SAI to you. We have been committed to solving the energy cost problem of computing since the beginning of our establishment. Our mission is to allow everyone to use cleaner computing power, electricity and heating services based on Sustainable, Available and Innovative technologies. Tesla is the world’s first vertically integrated renewable energy company, from electricity production to storage to consumption. When Elon Musk defined Tesla, he used a very simple structure, which is “clean energy + cars”. At present, Tesla’s market capitalization ranking has entered the top ten, and it is also the only company in the top ten market capitalization list with clean energy as the core concept. The core structure of SAI is “clean energy + chips”, dedicated to solving the energy cost problem of computing and making computing power clean, sustainable, and cost-effective. SAI is committed to become the world’s first horizontally integrated clean energy technology company, from computing to electricity, and to heating, which is empowered by clean energy to serve customers around the world.

SAI has four main business segments in terms of clean energy: SAIHEAT, SAIWATT, SAIBYTE, and SAICHIP.

SAIHEAT, by providing the server with “water cooling + waste heat utilization” technology, we collect the waste heat generated by computing and reuse it, which can greatly reduce the electricity cost, and replace the traditional heat source to provide clean heat services at the same time. SAIHEAT is based on chip energy technology to realize waste heat recovery and energy secondary utilization, open up computing power, electricity, and heating links to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. The traditional heating system has been transformed and added a SAIHEAT series chip waste heat heating cabinet. Thus, it can solve many problems such as the replacement of the traditional heating system heat source and the high heating energy cost of heating enterprises. Taking a planting base in western China as an example, the local heating area is 16,000 square meters, and the cost of SAI’s transformation is about 15 million yuan. We can actually save nearly 30 million yuan per year. Within half a year, the technology has been put into operation in multiple locations, with a total heating area of more than 10 million square meters, reducing the heating cost by 35% and 67% of the initial power investment.

SAIWATT is to utilize more efficient clean generators and storage transmission technologies to develop clean power consumption scenarios such as hydropower, waste gas power, photovoltaic power, etc., as a computing energy supply to achieve peaking and consumption in the clean power market. After more than two years of development and preliminary accumulation, SAI has reserved more than 2 million kw of abundant low-cost clean energy resources.

SAIBYTE, establish a “computing power cloud service + Energy Internet of Things” network system to provide more cost-effective, clean and sustainable computing power, which can boost economic growth through cloud computing and internet energy.

SAICHIP, SAI researches and develops high-performance chips made of new material and technology. We are aiming to break through the limitations of manufacturing processes on chip performance and the production capacity on the growth of computing power.

At present, SAI mainly provides SAIP.LUS and SAI.RUN services to customers.

SAI.PLUS Provides more cost-effective computing power hosting and leasing services. We can realize one-stop full-process configuration and management of BTC mining assets. We have a wealth of computing power and energy asset-side resources, and have excellent management capabilities. We can help customers purchase high-quality computing power assets in a short time, and provide lower-cost management operation and maintenance services to increase customers’ revenue.

In the future, self-built clean and sustainable computing power service, that is SAI.RUN, will also be launched. Our customers we serve are mainly Chinese and overseas large funds.

Use computing power to improve the efficiency of the entire society

Why did we choose to enter the energy track of the computing industry? Twenty-five years ago, the American scholar Nicholas Negroponte asserted in his book “Being Digital” that “Computing is no longer just about computing, it will determine our survival.” Through our own in-depth research and analysis, SAI has proved that it actually matches an evolutionary logic.

Looking back at the development history of the three industrial revolutions, you will find that the energy efficiency of the entire society is getting higher and higher. In this process, the energy efficiency improvement process in the carbon-based world (that is, the physical world of human real life) can be understood as the improvement of atomic energy efficiency. For example, sending our paper letters from one city to another requires energy to move atoms, and the cost may be quite high. But in the silicon-based world, more value can be delivered through electronic mobility, such as WeChat and WhatsApp, which are fast, efficient, and low-cost ways of delivering information. Similarly, the transfer of value in the silicon-based world can also become more efficient through the global network of digital finance and crypto assets.

What are the core costs of computing? Miners are very familiar with these costs, which are chip and energy costs. If you stretch the timeline, you will find that energy costs will account for a greater proportion. Logically speaking, computing can be understood as a process of entropy reduction from a physical point of view, that is, to turn disordered data into order. Therefore, there must be energy input to complete this activity. In other words, there is basically a one-to-one correspondence of how many chips are needed and how much energy is consumed and how much computing requirements. Thus, we will see that whether it is traditional computing, such as Amazon or advanced computing like Bitcoin mining, computing is based on energy and requires a large amount of energy.

Therefore, solving energy costs is becoming more and more important to the computing industry. Combined with our accumulated experience in the energy industry and our knowledge of Bitcoin mining market, we have summarized our own development strategy.

First, looking at the current market situation, it can be divided into two dimensions: value chain and industrial chain.

On the side of the value chain, we divide computing into two categories: traditional computing and advanced computing. According to public data, traditional computing is expected to grow to a market size of almost $1.56 trillion by 2025, while advanced computing may grow to over $3.12 trillion. The traditional IDC industry contributes about $10.9 billion in electricity bills every year. While Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mining and crypto supercomputing contribute nearly $6.2 billion in electricity bills every year. According to the data, computing types such as Bitcoin and crypto supercomputing have taken a short period of about ten years, and have reached one-half of the scale of traditional computing, and the growth rate may further accelerate.

In terms of industrial chain, the focus on computing energy had been relatively low before. According to incomplete global statistics in 2020, about 5% of the total global electricity generation in 2020 was used for computing. However, according to official forecasts, 15% to 25% of global electricity generation by 2030 will be used for computing. In other words, among all the global electricity generation, the computing industrial electricity consumption will rank in the top two in the proportion of the entire electricity industry. The electricity consumption of the computing industry will increase, which is also in line with the evolution of the entire society.

Because of the common mission of carbon neutrality, traditional industries are now paying attention to the replacement of fossil energy and the promotion of clean energy. In the computing industry, more and more people are also concerned about whether the computing power uses clean energy, and whether the process of generating computing power is clean and sustainable, and whether it meets the requirements of environmental friendliness and sustainability. Therefore, we will see that in the energy link of the computing industry chain, on the production side, wind power, hydropower, and photovoltaic power will gradually replace thermal power. On the consumer side, water cooling, energy storage, electricity consumption, and electricity adjustment are getting more and more attention.

The second link in the industry chain is infrastructure, that is, data centers. According to incomplete statistics, the load of traditional computing in China is about 23 million kilowatts. According to the crypto computing power of the entire network, the advanced computing load is about 10 million kilowatts. The demographic dividend of traditional computing has gradually disappeared, and advanced computing is still growing, and there is an exponential growth trend.

In the chip sector, the ASIC field has a significant lead. The mining machines of big companies such as BITMAIN use the most advanced chip manufacturing process. For CPU and GPU, due to the influence of factors such as the international situation and production capacity, development will have some limitations.

In the algorithm link, advanced computing still has the leading advantage of continuous iteration based on the scale of data.

In addition, in the user link, advanced computing has a lot of room for growth at the user level. After all, there is a huge demographic dividend.

Use technology to realize low energy consumption and green ecology

This is the computing and energy center of SAI. Through our clean energy-based SAI computing&energy center, combined with water-cooled waste heat utilization technology and power absorption technology. We reduce computing power costs by about 30% for computing power customers. Meanwhile, we reduce the cost of heating power, and save electricity investment. This allows SAI to reduce the costs of our three-party partners in computing power, electricity, and heating, and our profit margin has greatly increased at the same time. In the future, SAI will establish such computing&energy centers around the world to provide services to more customers.

Finally, I would like to introduce the original intention of SAI. SAI represents “Sustainable, Available, Innovative”. SAI hopes to use our own efforts to reduce computing power, electricity and heating costs through technology, which are the core costs of the silicon-based world operation. We aim to provide sustainable computing power and heat services based on clean energy to form a green circular economy and truly realize the vision of Make World ₿etter. 

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