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Exponential Growth with Every Dollar Spent: How to Harness E-Commerce with JRB Media

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Exponential Growth with Every Dollar Spent: How to Harness E-Commerce with JRB Media

June 14
17:39 2021
JRB Media promises to work alongside its clients to help them grow exponentially.

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce has evolved and come a long way from 1969 when CompuServe, American online service provider, was founded. Trading may have started with barters to mail-order anything but today, we see a massive shift to e-commerce especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. By May 2020, e-commerce transactions have increased to 77% from 2019, according to a Forbes article. From small at-home shops to big companies, brands have looked to bringing their businesses online as technology and even mobility drive consumers to purchase online.

E-commerce has its own pros and cons and there are a lot to consider when going live. For one, traditional retailers have to assess whether or not they have to go online in the first place. Second, smaller businesses may have to weigh whether investing in e-commerce would be worth it. At the end of the day, it all boils down to a business’ return on investment (ROI). And who to better seek out but experts of e-commerce who have had experience in helping brands grow through direct-to-consumer traffic. Services such as those of JRB Media eases the burden on companies; creating, launching, and managing campaigns from start to finish, so that companies can focus on what truly matters—serving customers.

JRB Media’s mission is to strategically utilise a company’s online presence to generate rapid growth in sales, with a constant spine-chilling ROI via paid advertisement. Essentially, JRB Media uses paid traffic to grow direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands.

JRB Media puts great emphasis on a company’s ROI strategy, ensuring that for every dollar that a business spends, it has to pay off exponentially. What makes JRB Media different from other companies is how every one of its clients is the recipient of a customer acquisition machine that delivers this kind of solid ROI. Simple. Consistent. Results-oriented.

While paid advertisement can be its own field, it is deemed useless without good content that could engage targeted audiences. JRB Media boasts of its formula to help businesses become 6, 7, or 8 figures and that is Copy + Creative + Offer. JRB Media works side-by-side with its clients to make sure that an on-brand message that really connects with their target audience is delivered.

There is a huge learning curve, and it takes some time to learn the ropes of e-commerce. However, by trusting and working with great partners such as JRB Media makes the experience a little less bumpy.

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JRB Media is a boutique performance marketing and development agency that specializes in the growth of DTC eCommerce Businesses.

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