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Personalized Coaching Options for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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Personalized Coaching Options for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

June 12
16:21 2021
Helping People Re-Boot, Re-Connect and Re-Establish

Featured in Thrive Global, Success, Woman’s Health, and Business Insider, Certified NLP practitioner Meiyoko Taylor is ready to help others navigate the new post pandemic era economy.  Mr. Taylor, a serial black entrepreneur has honed his business coaching strategies down to an easy to follow 4 step process. Meiyoko guides others through the process of obtaining more customers or clients, building brands or re-booting career objectives. 

He is offering a free zero pressure strategy call to discuss the personal goals and direction of future clients. Combining his practiced skills as a Certified Emotional Mastery Coach, Business Coach, Master Life Coach as well as an accomplished Certified NLP practitioner, Meiyoko Taylor has worked his practical steady approach with Business Leaders and Consultants, as well as Service Providers, Salesman, Entrepreneurs of every description, Celebrities and Celebrity Influencers to find and build a customized path to success. 

Meiyoko Taylor describes his mission simply and succinctly, “My mission is to help people discover, design, and deliver their genius to the world. I do this by helping them craft their million-dollar message and position their brand and service so that they can consistently attract and enroll high end clients ultimately building a 6-7 figure business. All this is done without being overwhelmed or without spending less time with their family.“

A self-described natural born Coach and Consultant, Mr. Taylor has been plying his trade for over twenty years both as a personal coach as well as an in-demand circuit speaker at corporate seminars. Working with top motivational speakers, service providers, public figures, coaches, consultants as well as industry leaders. Mr. Taylor has helped them re-discover their dreams, goals, skills, and inner strengths.  

As a two time bestselling author who is a Celebrity Branding & Business Strategist, Mr. Taylor is adept at re-directing and refocusing past successes into future successes. Driven since childhood to be a people person, one who was constantly involved in helping others achieve their goals, Mr. Taylor lost his way. As he transitioned from the teen who guided, advised, and led others to succeed into adulthood, Meiyoko woke to find himself in the rut that he swore since childhood that he would never be sucked into. He was in a damaging personal relationship, working a 9-5 dead-end job, clinically obese and mentally and emotionally bankrupt. 

He undertook a personal renaissance to re-ignite his passion, re-invigorate his body, unleash his entrepreneurial spirit which were all but dying embers. In re-booting his life, Mr. Taylor used the power of the internet to claw his way out of his 9-5 job and become skilled at branding, and influencing while studying the skills of Business, Life, and Mastery Coach. 

Through personal experience and lifting himself up from the valley of despair, Meiyoko Taylor perfected a system, plan and strategy that could be adapted to everyone. He set off on the mission of helping others by teaching them, coaching them and being their mentor as he became a driving force in their life’s transition. 

In preparing for the new post Covid-19 era, Meiyoko Taylor is ready to help others as they re-boot their mindset, perspective, and career by giving them new light and energy to pursue present and future endeavors. Meiyoko believes that in the new economy it will be imperative to re-connect to inner passions in striving for a life of fulfillment. After the lull of the past period of lockdowns, zoom meetings, and work from home days, weeks, and months, Meiyoko Taylor is ready to help others re-establish their brand, their genius, and businesses to impact and influence their income and success. 

Meiyoko Taylor is ready to welcome past and new clients to a personal risk free, zero obligation strategy zoom call during selected appointment times. Visit the website to initiate an appointment for a personal Clarity & Implementation Call.

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