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Leading life coach Kenneth Godbolt III shares inspiring story of overcoming childhood trauma in new book

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Leading life coach Kenneth Godbolt III shares inspiring story of overcoming childhood trauma in new book

June 04
20:15 2021
“Pain, Trauma and Suicide” by Kenneth Godbolt III highlights the inspiring journey of the author about defeating his past trauma issues.

Morton, Illinois – June 04, 2021 – 9.7 percent of youth in the USA suffers from serious major depression and mental health issues are more prevalent among Black youth. Worse, there is a lot of apprehension in seeking help for these issues which abet the problem further. In that light, top life coach and motivational speaker Kenneth Godbolt III has released his new book which shares the inspiring story of how he overcame his long-standing trauma when he decided to seek mental health assistance. 

Titled “Pain Trauma and Suicide”, the book is currently available for purchase on the author’s official website.

“Pain, Trauma and Suicide” sheds light on Kenneth’s brave journey of overcoming the struggles and adversity most urban youth face today. There has been a significant rise in mental health issues and trauma in contemporary society and the author wants people to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of mental health problems. Also, there is nothing to be ashamed of taking a mental health diagnosis and mental health assistance. 

He himself has been a victim of child abuse, trauma, and C-PSTD and for a long time he had run away from his issues rather than facing them. But finally, he found the courage to come face to face with his past trauma and that was the turning point of his life. He sought for the needed medical health assistance and over time, began to experience a positive change in his life. He has finally been able to come out of his long-standing trauma and today he lives in wholeness. It is this journey of positive change despite his past issues which he looks forward to sharing with the world in his new book.

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the release of my new book ‘Pain, Trauma and Suicide’. The book depicts my life story – it brings to light the plight of a Black young man suffering from trauma with no outlet for help. It’s majorly because I did not have a proper outlet to share my problems and I was forced to suffer in silence which even led me to contemplate about suicide. But, I overcame it, sought the required mental health assistance and now I am living a happy, positive and fulfilling life. Today, I am a motivational coach and speaker and I look forward to helping others heal”, stated Kenneth. 

“I know there are many urban youths like me who are down with severe mental health issues but are forced to suffer in silence. I want to tell them it’s okay to be not okay and one should seek help when needed. This book is my humble attempt to inspire everyone suffering from mental health issues out there to come forward and seek help without the fear of stigma or apprehension. If I have been able to overcome my long-standing trauma troubles, you too can. There is nothing that we can’t overcome as humans. But, one has to be open about embracing mental health conversations and seeking professional assistance. I hope my book will be able to motivate you and guide you to take the needed course of actions, defeat all adversities and rise up as an even stronger individual.”

About the author: 

Kenneth Godbolt III is a leading motivational speaker, coach and author who is widely revered for his indomitable spirit and never-give-up attitude despite the strongest of challenges. A warrior to the core, he too had his fair share of trauma and abuse issues but he had the spirit to fight back and lead a fulfilling life as a motivational guide today. He believes an individual can change the course of his or her life provided he or she has the spirit to turn a new leaf in spite of the challenges around.

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