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PeerBie Launches a New App Exclusively for Businesses: PeerBie MyWork

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PeerBie Launches a New App Exclusively for Businesses: PeerBie MyWork

June 01
20:42 2021

Nowadays, everything is faster, more reachable, and simultaneous. Work-life is no different. All organizations desire the same thing; to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency, whether it is a multi-office or a single-branch organization. PeerBie has a new offer with patented technologies to enable teamwork and productivity. PeerBie launched a new App, MyWork, democratizing workplace space and making it achievable for various industries and companies of any size.

“Sense of belonging and employee loyalty is important in the high-paced and complex business environment today. Whatever the type of organization it is, employees with a strong sense of belonging always try to do the right things, and when these individuals come together, there is a natural spike in productivity,” says Semih Secer, the founder of PeerBie. He iterates that PeerBie MyWork helps boost the sense of belonging for individuals. “No matter the type, or the size of the organization, productivity is a must-have.”

PeerBie MyWork is designed to handle any size of business. Moreover, it is ideal for large international corporations having offices and departments across multiple countries. The vision of PeerBie is to offer an all-in-one app for organizations. “Whether you are a white-collar or blue-collar employee, at the end of the day, you have to feel good about your productivity.”

Founder and CEO of PeerBie further elaborated with an example “You need to make a decision you could quickly create a survey across departments or specific individuals, getting feedback not just from managers but from everyone. This has to be quick and easily accessible through mobile phones as well. You could do this with MyWork app in a matter of seconds. Studies show that being inclusive and making everyone heard makes a huge difference. Sense of belonging helps create stronger ties between the individuals and the organization hence boosting productivity. Vertical hierarchy, departments are becoming less important. We have made PeerBie MyWork easily accessible for all employees while respecting their roles and expectations.”

PeerBie believes in shared knowledge across the organization without causing noise. Believing in the necessity of sharing information democratically with workers, PeerBie created the “MyWork” application to boost the sense of belonging and productivity in individuals. Semih Secer further stated that “Companies or individuals no longer have the luxury to share their data with 3rd parties. This includes any data shared with your customers over the messaging applications. And new laws strictly prohibit this.” PeerBie is very sensitive to the data and privacy of its clients. ‘MyWork’ allows communication over external channels with customers safely and confidentially.

MyWork uses channels and direct messages to handle communication. It also reduces or eliminates old-fashioned emails. Individuals are no longer following down email threads or wasting time searching. Employees can quickly search for and discover information using the provided channels and smart filters. Moreover, an organization can use external channels to bring partners, customers, or any other external entity and communicate within the same application.

PeerBie MyWork brings team communication, collaboration, project management, TT management, customer management, and more into one product so customers can get more work done whether they belong to a large enterprise or a small business, or retail, or non-profits. This App checks off the to-do list and moves projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information that customers need together. MyWork is available on any device so people can find and access their team and their work, whether they are at their desk or on the go.   

PeerBie MyWork promises to offer;  Event and meeting management, One-on-one or group messaging, Employee directory, Trouble Ticket management for products and services as well as customer complaints, Surveys for employees or customers, To-do lists and project management, Start and End day functions to plan a day easily, Customer management and reports for new, paid customers, Gamification for employee performance management, Integration of workflow into the tools, and services that people already use such as Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Zoom, Collections for the team and customers for storage for files, projects, Using channels to communicate with teams or customers: Open, closed, hidden, and external programs, MyWork comes with solutions and templates for various industries such as Retail, Enterprises, Education, Non-profits, Municipalities, Retail. Retails for example can use the app 100% without having to open keyboard but simply with just a few clicks.

About PeerBie

Founded in May 2018 in San Francisco, USA. Offices in SF, Istanbul, TR, and Kochi, India. PeerBie started its journey as the “New Social” with the Covid 19 pandemic pivoted to workplace collaboration. Their slogan is “Your Work In Your Pocket.” A YouTube video explaining their App can be seen on

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