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General Twin Seal Valve Stocked by Energy Products Company for Dependable Double Block and Bleed Service

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General Twin Seal Valve Stocked by Energy Products Company for Dependable Double Block and Bleed Service

May 31
20:48 2021

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, it holds the most extensive general twin seal valve inventory in the world. Its stock of related parts includes extensions, electric actuation, and custom coatings. These items can be dispatched for overnight delivery.

The General Valve twin seal double block and bleed valve debuted in 1941 and was the earliest vale type to conform to the stringent requirements for double block and bleed use. Over the years, minor design tweaks have improved the performance of this valve.

These valves find use in engineering applications where a tight seal is required, and the valves may open and close multiple times over a period.

These serve as tank isolation valves for fuel storage tanks, such as oil and gas. Fuel in these tanks can get contaminated, leak, or evaporate. The General Valve twin seal plug valves provide a comparatively affordable and dependable option compared to other valves for maintaining a tight seal on the tank side openings. As a choice for tank-side isolation, these valves have proven their efficacy and ease of use compared to line blinds or skillet plates used for a costly and dangerous procedure of drain down, lockout, and tagout.

These valves close fast and quickly. They feature a rugged design and require very little maintenance. The valves hold with zero leakage and hold with a bubble-tight seal that can be verified. These valves save time because the hydrants can be tested as soon as they are isolated.

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For more information on the working mechanism of the General Twin seal valve, Energy Products Company states that the seals are permanently bonded into the slips, which are mounted on a central plug. In the open position, the slip seals are completely out of the flow. Turning the operator handwheel clockwise rotates the plug assembly 90° to block flow. During rotation, clearance is maintained between the seal and the valve body, enabling free movement and avoiding abrasion.

When the operator is turned farther clockwise, the tapered plug begins to lower, forcing the slips against the body and initiating the verifiable seal. Because its seals never drag in well-maintained valves, the General Valve Twin Seal plug valve requires less torque to cycle. In the closed position, the slip seals are expanded, compressing the slip seals until metal-to-metal seating is affected. Because it is mechanical, the valve does not rely on line pressure differential to help make it seal and even seals in vacuum service.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company is the largest distributor of General Twin seal double block & bleed valves, WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding gate valves & Orbit rising stem ball valves serving the petroleum industry. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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