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Bolstered Equity Group announces acquisition of next-gen digital networking product uBump

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Bolstered Equity Group announces acquisition of next-gen digital networking product uBump

May 31
17:12 2021
BEG, LLC has acquired NFC technology-powered digital networking product uBump which assures more effective, convenient and economical networking opportunities than paper business cards.

Raleigh, North Carolina – May 31, 2021 – North Carolina-based Bolstered Equity Group is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of state-of-the-art digital networking product and service uBump. Powered with the advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, uBump assures easy sharing of contact information digitally without the help of outdated business cards. The nifty high-tech sticker is aimed to scale up convenient networking possibilities anytime and anywhere so that customers never have to miss out on the opportunity to connect when it matters the most. 

Developed on NFC technology, uBump is able to communicate with phones held in close proximity to the user’s phone, say between 0-3 inches. A uBump user can store all necessary contact and networking details in his/her uBump profile, including but not limited to- contact details, website link, social media profile, art, music and more. When one has to share the details with another person, all he would have to do is to hold his uBump sticker close to the recipient’s phone. After that, uBump would send a notification to the recipient’s phone, which, when tapped, would open up the user’s uBump profile containing all contact information, social links and business resources that he chooses to share.

“uBump holds the potential to be a game-changer in the current networking scene by bringing in the ‘digital’ angle which offers a smarter and more effective networking opportunity than outdated physical business cards. Studies have shown that over 88% of paper business cards are thrown away within the first week. Also, many professionals and entrepreneurs don’t carry their business cards with them every moment which dampens their luck with sudden networking opportunities. But uBump works by being attached to your phone as your personalized digital business card which makes sure you never have to miss out on an opportunity to share your information for easy networking, especially when it matters the most”, stated the leading spokesperson from Bolstered Equity Group. 

Interestingly, users will be able to customize their uBump sticker as per their brand specifics and preferred colors and designs. 

“uBump is the future of networking. It’s ability to quickly transfer business and social links to desired users’ phones with a simple bump makes for unique, memorable connections. We offer over 20+ designs and recently launched the ability to customize your uBump for individuals and companies”, noted Jordan Hadding, the VP of Marketing for uBump.

Per the statements of the BEG spokesperson, uBump assures 3 major benefits for the contemporary networking scenario – 

  • Saves cost for companies by eliminating the need of outdated paper business cards which otherwise amounts to around hundreds and thousands of dollars. It offers a more affordable and effective solution with its digital feature 
  • Allows easy and instant sharing of information with the bump of the user’s phone. There is no need for additional apps or memory space. 
  • Allows customization of uBump tag and user’s uBump profile to align it with his company or business. 

Speaking on, he stressed that the recent resurgence of in-person events, especially with businesses opening back after the COVID-19 pandemic, has led way for brands to develop new innovative ways to re-brand and market their businesses. The current situation is bustling with increasing demand for powerful, practical and impressionable networking and uBump promises to make things more convenient in the networking world in a fun and memorable way. 

About Bolstered Equity Group, LLC:

Located in Raleigh, NC, Bolstered Equity Group, LLC acquires small to medium direct to consumer e-commerce stores. The company has recently acquired fast growing NFC technology-powered digital networking product uBump which aims to redefine the networking scene to ensure more convenient networking opportunities anytime and anywhere. 

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