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Layout Design Analysis Of Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System For Pure Electric Vehicles

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Layout Design Analysis Of Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System For Pure Electric Vehicles

May 31
05:58 2021

The air-conditioning system is an important component and energy-consuming part of the whole vehicle. Pure electric vehicles have greatly reduced their driving range in low temperature environments. The heat pump air conditioning system can improve the efficiency of the vehicle’s electric energy utilization. However, the heat pump air conditioning system is relatively complicated, which increases the difficulty of layout. The article summarizes the heat pump air conditioning system’s general layout design through multiple dimensions such as the key components and pipeline layout of the heat pump system, static and dynamic clearance check, assembly process analysis and aesthetics, combined with specific vehicle system cases Factors and following principles provide a reference for the development of heat pump air-conditioning systems and reduce the development cycle.

1 Introduction

Electric vehicle passenger compartment heating schemes are mainly divided into two schemes: high-pressure PTC and heat pump. Among them, PTC heating is divided into two types: air heating and water heating. PTC is used to heat air and water to realize heating in the car. The structure is relatively simple and the energy conversion efficiency is low, which affects the driving range of the vehicle up to 30-40%, or even more.

The current mainstream application of heat pump air conditioning systems is a three-heat exchanger structure, such as BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF. When the system is running in defrost and dehumidification mode, the refrigerant will pass through three heat exchangers, and the air will be dehumidified through the internal evaporator. The air is cooled to the temperature required for defrosting, then heated by the internal condenser, and sent to the cabin, which solves the problem of safe driving of the car, and can also control the air temperature of the air outlet during defrosting.

This article takes a pure electric model of heat pump air conditioner with three heat exchanger structure as an example, and introduces the layout design of heat pump air conditioner system in detail. The structure of heat pump air conditioner is shown in the figure, which mainly includes air conditioner host, integrated compressor, outdoor heat exchanger, and gas-liquid separation. And pipelines, etc.


1. Outdoor heat exchanger

2. Gas-liquid separator

3. Suction pipe

4. Exhaust pipe

5. Pipeline and expansion valve

6. Heating pipe

7. Air conditioning controller

8. Air conditioning host

9. Blower

10. Muffler

11. Integrated compressor

The functions of the main components are as follows: the main unit of the air conditioner, including the casing and blower, PTC core, evaporator and car condenser, etc.; the blower is responsible for sucking the heated or cooled air into the passenger compartment, the PTC core is responsible for auxiliary heating, and the evaporator And the condenser inside the car is responsible for absorbing and providing heat. The integrated compressor drives the scroll to compress through the operation of the motor to provide power for the refrigeration cycle.

The outdoor heat exchanger cools the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged from the auto ac compressor into a high-pressure, low-temperature liquid refrigerant during cooling; it changes the refrigerant from a misty liquid to a gaseous state during heating, and absorbs heat outside the car. The gas-liquid separator is responsible for drying the refrigerant. The refrigerant model of the case model is R134a. The pipe is composed of pipelines, expansion valves, exhaust pipes, suction pipes, and heating pipes. It includes three valve bodies to control the on and off of the refrigerant cycle, and a pair of high and low pressure PT sensors to monitor the state of the refrigerant.

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