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Denison Yachting Provides 5 Tips For Homeschooling From A Yacht Or Boat

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Denison Yachting Provides 5 Tips For Homeschooling From A Yacht Or Boat

December 01
18:06 2020
Learn How To Homeschool From A Yacht For A Unique Educational Experience.

Students all over the world are adjusting to new educational settings in light of the pandemic. Adapting to a new school routine may take time, but one thing’s for sure — families, teachers, and students share a common goal to continue education creatively and safely. Homeschooling from a yacht or boat is nothing new. Sailors have been doing it for decades! It’s an excellent way to combine class time with valuable life and open water experiences. Homeschooling from a yacht doesn’t look like it did 20 years ago — updated technology and diligent preparations can turn a challenging teaching situation into a seamless lifestyle.

Denison Yachting gathered 5 tips for homeschooling from a yacht to provide families with safe, educational options during the pandemic.

1. Establish A Homeschool Style

Every family has different needs and goals when it comes to child education. A benefit to homeschooling from a yacht are the variety of educational options. Parents can take a hands-on or hands-off approach to teaching, they can hire a tutor to join the yacht crew, they can opt into virtual classes with a school on land, or they can work with a teacher to customize and design a homeschool program for each child. Families can agree on a beneficial homeschool style.

2. Plan Ahead For Curriculum

It’s a good idea to plan the student’s curriculum ahead of time. A benefit of homeschooling is that the child is not confined to grade-level standards, meaning if a child is ahead in reading, the parent can supply advanced reading material. Work with a tutor or teacher to incorporate videos, virtual group class, books, arts and crafts, apps, science experiments, and social interactions into the curriculum. There are plenty of tools to create an effective and memorable learning environment. Plan ahead and outline key learning objectives so that the student has a steady lineup of subjects to tackle.

3. Onboard A Tutor

Sometimes there’s a struggle between being a parent and being a teacher. Onboarding a tutor to homeschool from a boat can be a valuable investment. Denison Yachting has a platform for crew and clients that provides an interactive way to connect and accommodate requests, which may fall under onboarding a tutor.

4. Create A Schooltime Routine

Homeschooling can get messy when living and learning under the same roof. Establish a designated learning hub on the yacht for class time by creating desk space or using a vacant room. Just as a traditional school has set times for learning subjects throughout the day — so should homeschooling from a yacht.

5. Make Room For Flexibility

Education isn’t confined to textbooks. Homeschooling from a yacht provides plenty of opportunities for real-world experiences. Turn land or diving excursions into field trips. Visit museums, archaeological sites, libraries, farmer’s markets, or national parks as a family activity to encourage learning and new experiences.

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