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How culture contributes to bad health and what one advertising agency is doing to change that

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How culture contributes to bad health and what one advertising agency is doing to change that

December 01
17:54 2020

When most people have questions about their health, they automatically reach for their devices and ask Dr. Internet. But, why is it that with more information than ever before people are sicker, less happy, and more prone to chronic diseases?

According to a study from Harvard it’s estimated that ½ of adults will be obese or severely obese by 2030 and ⅔ of children will be obese by age 35. The economic consequences of that could be as high as $250,000,000,000 by 2030.

But how can that be changed, and what will it take? What will it take to convince an entire society that it’s headed for disaster and the only way to avoid it is to eat more vegetables, use less plastics, and exercise more while at the same time giving up the foods and leisure activities that have become part of our culture.

Jeremy Sandell thinks he figured it out, and he says it’s easier than it sounds.

“People do what they see most often and believe. That’s essentially what “culture” is. Culture dictates so much of how we think and act. I was lucky enough to recognize that you can only really change culture with advertising.”

“I grew up in a 3 bedroom house of 13. It was a real mess. It wasn’t long before I was living in much the same way.”

Jeremy found a mentor at 20 years old through a supplement sales company that showed him that if he only focused on “feeling better” he could then “do better” in all the other areas of his life.

“Having a mentor in the health space really gave me a lot of perspective on life in. It blew my mind that if people just took better care of themselves how much everything else in their lives and communities changed.”

That’s why Jeremy started Wolf Riot, a social media advertising agency whose sole mission is to help health based businesses educate the masses and change how living healthy is perceived.

“I realized that if I wanted to help people the way my mentor had helped me, I had to learn how to use the best tools available to spread the message of health.”

Jeremy has worked with prominent advertisers such as Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr over the last 2 years to develop his teams ability to deliver above average results.

Wolf Riot is a social media advertising agency founded in 2016.

Health business owners can request a consultation at

If advertising a camel can increase lung cancer, and advertising the benefits of small can demonstrate German manufacturing capabilities, advertising a health based business can change people’s perception of what’s desirable in life.

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